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Body shapes differ from person to person, be it men or women. Everyone has multiple roles to play in a day and each occasion calls for appropriate dressing. While there are defined as well as undefined dress codes for every occasion of your life, there is one important rule to abide by when getting dressed, and that is to dress as per the body shapes. One can wear trendy as well as stylish outfits all the while choosing silhouettes that flatter the body rather than create a sense of awkwardness or a toll on the individual’s confidence.

Dress In Styles That Look Good On Different Body Shapes

Body Shapes And Suited Silhouettes

One can decide on body shapes simply by measuring the chest, abdomen and hip region and noting it down. Once the shape of the body is determined, one can easily find patterns, styles, designs and shapes that will look great on the determined body shape. Below is a image with different body shapes indicating the different body figures that are mentioned below: 

1. Lean

If you are someone who falls under the lean body shape, then you can either opt for midi skirts or outfits that come with separates. Addition of a belt for the effect or even cropped trousers would work fine.Preventing  clothes with volume would be a good choice as it may not sit well or help define the shape properly. Being tall itself is a statement on its own, however, if you are a sucker for heels and feel comfortable in them, then it is a definite go-go. For a day look, a fitted top and trousers would look perfect. Ankle length bottoms and a monochromatic look will add to your tall frame. Don’t over accessorize with jewelry and makeup. On occasions of parties and evenings, a floor length dress can be just right.

Body Shapes And Suited Silhouettes

Lean Silhouettes

2. Inverted triangle

In the ‘inverted triangle ‘ body shape, the bust is wider than the hips. Hence, wearing a jacket can highlight the curves in your lower body while diverting attention to the shoulders. Tops need to be chosen that will draw attention to the waist. V-necked tops, or shirts that have nipping at the waist or wrap style tops are best choices. When choosing shirts, it is recommended to go for tailored shirts or those with vertical details.

Body Shapes And Suited Silhouettes

Inverted Triangle Silhouette

3. Hourglass

In this body shape, the shoulder and hips will be the same width with a defined waist. If you have a curvy figure with a tiny waist, then it is an hourglass figure. Choose clothes that focus on the waist and always go for fitting clothes and avoid loose outfits. V-neck dresses, pencil skirts and a fitted top will look great. Wear a fitted garment when wearing a flared one, for example, if you are wearing a jacket, then wear a fitted trouser. Choose outfits with embellishment or even a mini dress with pumps. A belted jacket, a wrap around women’s dress or a crop top also suit your body shape.Body Shapes And Suited Silhouettes

4. Pear shape

Pear body shape has wider hips. The perfect way to balance out your body shape is to highlight your shoulder area by wearing scarves with bright colored necklaces, would do the job. Tops and dresses that have patterns, ornamentation or embroidery are recommended as it draws attention to the slim torso. For this body type it is best to avoid any tight fitting garments. As it comes to choosing skirts, choose A-line skirts and not mini or pencil skirts. Go for monochrome colors for your bottom wear while for the top, opt for more color. For party wear, go for one shoulder dresses that will focus on your upper body. The dress should highlight your waist because it allows covering your hip region.

Body Shapes And Suited Silhouettes

Pear Shaped Silhouettes

3. Apple shape

Apple shape is when the lower body part is slim but the weight seems to be around the middle part of the body and by wearing dresses that take attention off your waist would be the perfect choice. V-necks and A-line dresses are also a good option. Avoid fitted and body hugging silhouettes along with bulky tops. As for pants, skinny jeans, flared pants and pants with straight legs will look on an apple body shape. Layered tops and tunics are also good choices. It is recommended to pick up dresses that flatter your abdominal area and stretch out to your hips. You can wear a flowy top with skinny jeans. Body Shapes And Suited Silhouettes

Body shapes have more variants with the above mentioned one along with which are numerous silhouettes that will flatter the body figure and those that won’t. The trick is to find styles that will add beauty and confidence. Brands today focus on all types of body shapes. So,whether you are petite, plus size or pear shaped, there is no longer the need to stick to a particular pattern of cloth as there are varied, trendy and fashionable outfits that will perfect the fit to your body.