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Interior Design Styles bsc interior design syllabus - Interior Design Styles - BSc Interior Design Syllabus

BSc Interior Design Syllabus

Pursuing a BSc interior design degree can help students can get some practical experience in the world of interior design. Institutes structure their BSc interior design syllabus in a manner that educates the students about the different ways (technical and non-technical) of constructing comfortable and functional spaces customized to the tastes of the clients. The subjects that are covered in the syllabus of B.Sc. Interior Design happen to have the topics that cover a basic understanding of 2D and 3D composition combined with the skills of size judgement, latest innovations and designs, material knowledge etc. The art of drawing technical figures also forms one of the main topics of internal design.

BSc Interior Design Syllabus Course Overview

The main objective of this course is to provide knowledge related to the solutions for interior design and architecture. The topics that are typically covered include the importance of design, the meaning and definition of design, the fundamental elements related to interior design in 2D along with their definitions, some examples of design from their natural point of view, the shape, line, form, space, value, texture, material and colour, an introduction to the principles of design as they relate to 2D and 3D unity, symmetry proportion, balance, hierarchy, scale, contrast, rhythm, focus, harmony, creation of repetitive patterns and the use of grids.  Some of the salient features of this course are as follows:

  • It is an interdisciplinary module that focuses on methodological and technical approaches to design.
  • This course equips the learner with an understanding of various interior designs.
  • It is a thematic and concise course designed to help the students understand aspects such as furnishing, materials used and elements and principles of design to create harmony.
  • The students who choose BSC in Interior Designing will understand the revolutionizing trends of interior design by keeping in mind the varying tastes and preferences of different demographics and cultures.
  • This BSC in Interior Design Program provides students with a platform to fully develop their talent in creative and artistic skills and apply an imaginative and unconventional approach to interior design.
  • JD Institute ensures that students acquire in-depth knowledge through regular interaction with industry experts and the opportunity to participate in exhibitions and workshops.
  • While pursuing this degree programme in the interior design course, students will create projects as a part of their final submission.

bsc interior design syllabus bsc interior design syllabus - Interior Design Styles - BSc Interior Design Syllabus

Semester-Wise BSc Interior Design Syllabus

The syllabus for all the six semesters is given below.

1st Semester

  • Principles of Interior Design
  • Interior Design Studio and Building System Technology – I

2nd Semester

  • Colour and Lighting
  • Design Concepts
  • Interior Design Studio and Building System Technology-Ii
  • Interior Design Studio Practical

3rd Semester

  • Basic Computer Application and Auto Cad-I
  • Applied Arts on Textiles-I
  • Draftsmanship – I
  • Basics of Interior Design – I

4th Semester

  • Basic Computer Application and Autocad – Ii
  • Autocad Practicals
  • Applied Art on Textiles-Ii
  • Applied Arts
  • Draftsmanship – Ii
  • Basics of Interior Design – Ii

5th Semester

  • Furniture in Interiors
  • Floriculture and Landscaping
  • Planning the Life Space
  • Consumer and Merchandising
  • Kitchen Design
  • Housekeeping and Front Office Management
  • Residential Space Designing

6th Semester

  • Soft Furnishings
  • Furniture And Furnishings
  • Applied Arts
  • Floriculture And Landscaping
    • Professional Practice
    • Environment Control In Interiors
    • Fine Arts – Drawing And Painting
    • Ergonomics
    • Green Building Technology
    • Entrepreneurial Development
  • Commercial Space Designing

unnamed 3 bsc interior design syllabus - unnamed 3 - BSc Interior Design Syllabus


Learning Outcome After Completing BSc Interior Design At JD Institute

  • At JD Institute, students will acquire the ability to conceptualize and design interior spaces for homes, retails, hotels, offices, museums, and public spaces, including entertainment spaces.
  • Students who choose BSC in Interior Designing will have the capability to start e-commerce portals with in-depth knowledge in the field of automated and graphic design.
  • They also learn the techniques of model making and 3D-printing.
  • The BSc Interior Design course teaches the students how to work as an interior designer, visual merchandiser and interior decorator.