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How to Learn Interior Designing from Home

The profession of Interior Design is relatively new, and it is more popular today than ever before: this industry is robust. There is vast scope in this profession as today, more and more people are opting to hire Interior designers to decorate spaces, be it homes, office spaces, schools, public places like malls and even heritage sites.

So, who exactly is an interior designer? The simplest way to put it is that interior designers design the interior of buildings. A well-created interior reflects a certain mood and it is the job of a designer to work in tandem with the client to create a good design which suits the taste of the client.

  • Keep Up To Date With Latest Design Styles
  • You Must Have a Knack for Decorating Homes Design

The profession of interior design is now a fully-fledged and elaborate line of work, with its own certification and all, but still, you can opt for a non-traditional education (distance program) in this field. You can learn interior design at home through the many notable interior design home study courses available online. If you believe you are creative and have the business acumen, you can learn the technicalities of the profession of interior design sitting at home!

How to learn Interior Designing At Home


How to Learn Interior Designing from Home

If you want to become a good interior designer without any degree or professional courses, check what are the online courses available and find the course that is best for you.

Learn interior design at home with these below free online courses and learning materials provided by best educational portals:

  • study.com offers a course titled Interior Design Basics & Principle that covers introductory topics in interior design.
  • udemy.com offers Intro to Interior Design among other courses. This course is well-researched and offers a basic understanding of interior design that will enable you with technical skills, enough to start designing a few projects of your own. And it is value for money too!

You can do more research on the internet. It is packed with different articles and blogs etc. that offer tutorial and valuable insights into the profession. Websites like freshome.com will help you recognize and keep up with the latest trends in Design and Architecture, whereas homeconscious.com is another website that has numerous blogs, elaborating topics such as coloring ideas, house renovation, design ideas and many more.

  • freshome.com
  • homeconscious.com

The process of creating and designing involves the use of one or more design software, which you must know how to use. It is important that you learn to use applications like AutoCAD Design Suite, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop etc. Again, you will find ample learning material/courses online.

  • Besides creativity, good communication and listening skills are traits that can take you a long way in this line of work. Understanding the client’s desires, to visualize the space accordingly require the use of your soft skills.

Want to Be a Certified Interior Designer

  • Compiling a Portfolio is necessary. Interior designers usually get hired only if they have experience, so if you’re starting out, consider offering your services to friends, family, local non-profit organizations, or you can even work on your own home. Use internship opportunities to build a portfolio, which will help you show off your ability when a real paying job comes along.
  • The internet also offers fully online bachelor’s degree programs in interior design; a simple search will bring you across many such certificate courses. You can pick one which suits you best. Do not miss out on reading the reviews (especially from working designers) and checking its accreditation before you sign up for such a course.

Lastly, the best way to learn interior design is to get some hands-on experience, but still online is the best way to start molding your passion for interior design into a paying profession.