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CAD Jewellery Design – Use of Technology in jewellery designing

CAD Jewellery Design has transformed the way the jewellery industry has been practicing jewellery designing. Through computer assisted design softwares jewellery design can be easily replicated to the finest detail before it is crafted.  The design can be viewed from all angles – inside, the top and even the sides and allows to make any changes before the manufacturing process.

Technology may have made it easy to create designs, it definitely has not eliminated the use of human interaction. The use of CAD in Jewellery Design has provided a world of endless possibilities. It is to be noted that CAD Jewellery Design has not replaced the jewellery makers or anyone involved in casting, polishing, soldering and welding metals or the setters. The use of CAD Jewellery Design enables in the rendering of 3D designs which helps the jeweller to get an understanding of what the final piece will look it and also helps to showcase the design to a customer who seeks customized jewellery. The modern jewellery designer rely on design softwares for their work as it is quick and convenient. Despite the use of technology and the ease of work that it provides, jewellery design still requires creativity, artistic vision alongwith the knowledge of different materials required to create meticulous jewellery pieces and jewellery fabrication.

CAD Jewellery Design – Use of Technology in jewellery designing

CAD Jewellery Design

Earlier the design would first be carved out of wax, however in the recent times CAD Jewellery Design is being used to bring the idea onto the screen. The digital files are then sent put into printers or machines which will then transform the data to a 3-D wax or resin form. The form is then fixed in plaster outlay, which is placed in a furnace to incinerate the model. The negative impression is filled with molten gold or platinum by casting to precious metal which will be worked on by skilled jewellers. The next stage of the process is polishing before setting.

CAD Jewellery Design – Use of Technology in jewellery designing

From paper to software to the final piece

CAD Jewellery Design usage is definitely on the rise and modern jewellery designers need to be acquainted with the use of software as much as they need to understand the other aspects of jewellery design. Enroll in the 6 months Diploma in Jewellery Design (CAD) to learn more about the various design softwares used in the jewellery design industry from one of the best jewellery designing institutes in Bangalore.

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