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JD Institute of Fashion Technology in Cochin held a Campus job fair on September 13, 2023, for all of its students from the following batches: MSC in Fashion Design & Management 2022, MSc Interior Design 2022, BSc Fashion Design & Garment Management 2021, BSc Interior Design 2021, Diploma in Fashion Design NOV 2022, Diploma in Fashion Technology NOV 2022, as well as JD Alumni.Following are some of the organizations from the Fashion and Interior design industries that attended this job fair. Reliance, Pulimoottil Silks, M Loft, Zack & Kiki, Mattam, ME by Michelle Edward, Jugalbandi, Evansh, For Film Field (Designer Gayathri), Interior: YH International Group LLC, D Concept, Veda lighting and more.

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Prior to conducting interviews for various roles under the categories of internships, volunteer work, and placements, these companies first provided the students with an introduction session about their brands and areas of expertise. A good time was had by all of the 30 or so students who attended this event.

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The interviewers then led the students through a discussion of the job description and the talents they were seeking.12 students were chosen as the best candidates for the organization after the interview session was complete.

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The management and personnel were then invited to a meeting where the recruiters were asked to express their interest in working with JD Institute of Fashion Technology Cochin in future job fairs and collaboration select group of companies had additionally expressed interest in joining our JDDA 2024. For participating, each student was thanked, and well wishes were sent with regards to their future endeavors.