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Career in Jewellery Design: What Jobs Can You Opt For After the Course

There’s something about the dazzle of a piece of jewellery that makes it difficult to stop admiring it. The lustre and the intriguing design of the ornaments can be quite enchanting, leaving you with a sense of wonder. But while being enamoured by the beauty of jewellery, have you ever wondered who comes up with distinctive designs for them? Ever thought about what a career in jewellery design would be like?

The conceptualisation, design and crafting of jewellery fall under the umbrella of a jewellery designer. Individuals with a keen eye for aesthetic visuals pursue a career as jewellery designer to be an integral part of the creation process and churn out creative ornaments to cater to the demand.

India witnesses the highest jewellery sales in the world, with 7% of the country’s gross domestic product arriving from the sales of these ornaments.

Unfortunately, there is a lack of information about the field in mainstream media. So, stay with us as we guide you through the structure of a jewellery design course and explore the career opportunities after completion!

Demystifying Jewellery Design 

When introducing jewellery design to someone, the first question that arises is the definition of the concept. So, what is jewellery designing?

Think about the intricately-crafted structure of cufflinks. These tiny but sturdy structures act as better alternatives to buttons while attracting attention. Jewellery design revolves around the creation and development of such wearables.

Career in Jewellery Design: What Jobs Can You Opt For After the Course

The role of a jewellery designer constitutes the following steps.

  • Development of the concept through a detailed jewellery art design.
  • Ascertaining the perfect materials to develop the jewellery, depending on the use cases.

In most cases, jewellery designers possess boundless creative freedom to implement their jewellery concepts and create a final product that stays loyal to the reputation of the jewellery brand. At times, they may also be asked to work on existing designs and add finishing touches to create a complete product.

Seeing how the role of a jewellery designer requires extensive knowledge in various aspects of materials and design, enrolling in a jewellery design course in India is just the push you need to excel in this domain.

How to Become a Jewellery Designer in India?

Several Indian universities offer dedicated undergraduate and postgraduate courses for students looking to work as jewellery designers. These courses are usually in the form of a bachelor’s in Science (BSc), where you can avail of the relevant theoretical and practical knowledge.

Career in Jewellery Design: What Jobs Can You Opt For After the Course

A typical jewellery design institute offers a 3-year bachelor’s course in the subject. The jewellery design course fees provide justice to the curriculum, with most institutes charging between INR 2,00,000 to INR 3,00,000 per year.

During this time, you get acquainted with the properties and interactions of metals like gold, silver, diamonds and other gemstones widely used in fashion. The course also covers the fundamentals of creating fine jewellery, going over techniques and procedures for the same.

But what if the jewellery created does not match the quality standards defined by regulatory bodies? The curriculum prepares you for this problem by providing a run-down of critical quality checks and other standards to guarantee that you are never blindsided by quality issues.

While the course might seem appealing, do the career opportunities justify the duration and the fees? We’ll let you be the judge of that!

Career Avenues After a BSc. in Jewellery Design

The exhaustive world of jewellery design is within your reach after you complete the bachelor’s course in the field. The need for innovation and unique jewellery styles is constantly growing, compelling businesses to look for competent jewellery designers in India with a keen eye for user-friendly designs.

As such, jewellery designers can work in the following industries immediately after completing their bachelor’s.

  • Boutiques
  • Accessory designing houses
  • Reputed jewellery makers
  • Gemmologists
  • Luxury brands

Career in Jewellery Design: What Jobs Can You Opt For After the CourseBut that’s not where the opportunities end! If you are an ardent follower of Bollywood movies, you might realise the need for custom-made jewellery, especially for period pieces. Building a portfolio and reaching out to the film fraternity can work wonders for your career and put you in charge of several important projects.

Such is the lucrativeness of the field that the average jewellery designer salary is estimated to be INR 4,20,000 per year, according to Payscale. With an increase in experience and a diverse portfolio, the pay can touch figures of INR 7,95,000 per year, excluding the income from freelance projects!

Final Thoughts

Jewellery design is a field that welcomes passionate individuals looking to hone their skills and find a consistent creative outlet. If you are the kind of person who marvels at the design of jewellery and recognises the mark of a good design, you might be suited to study the 3-year BSc. in jewellery design course in India from the reputed J.D. School of Design.

Take advantage of the full-time bachelor’s degree in Bangalore to gain a comprehensive perspective on jewellery design and acquire mastery in practical skills. Differentiate yourself from the crowd with aesthetic and distinctive designs that stem from your experiences to build a strong career in jewellery design, and work with notable names!