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Career opportunities as an Interior Designer

Career opportunities as an Interior designer are versatile and diverse. Interior design is a multifaceted profession that includes conceptual development, space planning, site inspections, communicating with the stakeholders of a project, construction management, and execution of the design. Let’s take a peek at the career opportunities available for skilful interior designers of today! All your questions about interior designing and the opportunities that open up for after graduation as an interior designer.

Is interior designer just a fancy way of saying Interior decorator?

They are different by profession and study. A skilled interior design professional will study the existing space, architecture and the client requirement to design and support the architecture to achieve maximum amount of functionality and efficiency in the given space with a touch of aesthetic glamour in each element while an interior decorator will help you with furnishing or adorning the existing space with elegant pre-designed elements that might not be functional.

What are the career opportunities available for an interior designer?

The career opportunities as a graduate in interior designing are innumerable. To name and brief a few of the professions and industries that opens up the doors for your skill set are Designer, Landscape architect, Lighting designer, movie set designer, Architectural designer, Production designer, Spatial design expert, interior stylist, furniture designer, residential design services, spatial design studio, kitchen design, creative director and much more.

How to become an interior designer?

If you plan to study Interior designing, JD Institute of Fashion Technology offers Diploma in Interior Designing, Advanced Diploma in Interior Designing, PG Diploma in Interior Designing, Degree in Interior Designing and Master Degree in Interior Designing, Diploma in Interior and spatial design to study, learn and equip yourself to become a career professional Interior designer.Career opportunities as an Interior Designer

Which industries would employ an interior designer?

Any company that creates living, shopping and working spaces for people is a potential interior design employer. The industries that need skilled interior designers and readily accept Interior designers with exceptional skill sets are listed below for your quick reference.

  • Architectural firms and construction companies,
  • interior design companies, exhibition centres and events management companies,
  • consultancies offering a wide portfolio of design services,
  • retailers,
  • theatre,
  • TV or film companies.
  • You may work in-house or for consultancies that provide services to a range of external clients.
  • Working on a freelance basis is fairly typical, although full-time, permanent roles do exist.
Are there interior designing companies in India?

There are several interior designing companies in Pan-India that offer great opportunities for the exclusive skill set of a graduate Interior designer. The pay scale depends on the skills you learn and develop, which you will be well trained on, when you graduate from JD Institute of Fashion Technology. Listed are a few top-tier interior designing firms in India.

  • Liv Spaces
  • Homelane
  • Asian Paints
  • Design Cafe
  • IA Interior Architects
  • Flipspaces
Career opportunities as an Interior Designer
Can I be an interior designer or a freelance consultant for design projects after I graduate from the interior designing course?
Career opportunities as an Interior Designer

Yes. The skill set developed over the years with a foundational course on Interior designing and JD Institute of Fashion Technology issues professional certificates. It gives you an edge of Pan-India network and seasoned alumni for a good foothold in the Interior design industry. The network paired with the skill set will offer a strong foundation in the industry that will help you to take up roles as a consultant or freelance services as a full-time interior designer.

For pursuing masters and advanced diploma in Interior designing to improve on your existing skill set, check out Advanced Diploma in Interior Designing, PG Diploma in Interior Designing and Master Degree in Interior Designing.

Career opportunities as an Interior Designer

What will be the kind of designations I would be eligible to apply for and grow into as I progress in the Interior designing industry?

Entry level role description: As a junior interior designer you will be expected to collaborate with senior design team members on project goals, assisting with design concepts and interfacing with the clients to ensure needs are being met in a timely fashion.

Entry level positions for an Interior Designer: Junior Designer, Intern, Intern Interior Designer and Interior Design Assistant

Junior Level role description: Designers in the junior level positions are expected to be adept at working on a project from start to finish, collaborating with a team, consulting with clients, and meeting project deadlines on schedule and within budget. The minimum education requirement for a designer is a bachelor’s degree. Previous experience in a related role and finely honed interpersonal skills are expected.

Junior level positions for an Interior Designer: Designer, Intern Architect, Project Designer, Interior Architect, and Architectural Assistant.

Managerial Level role description: The scope of a project manager’s role includes responsibility for all aspects of planning, budgeting, and execution for interior design projects. PMs must create a detailed project plan, including technical models and estimates for time and materials, and collaborate with design team members to execute the project on time and within budget. Impeccable interpersonal skills are required so that the PMs can negotiate with construction crews, interface with clients, and work within the design team. Excellent time management skills, leadership abilities, and attention to detail position a PM for success.

Managerial level positions for an Interior Designer: Project Manager, Planner and Strategist

Senior Level role description: Senior-level designers are responsible for all project deliverables as well as maintaining the project schedule. They are tasked with managing all technical aspects of a project, collaborating with the project managers and design team members on design presentations, as well as project concepting, development, and execution. They should be adept at space planning, finish selection, product/furniture specification, and budgeting. Besides a bachelor’s degree in architecture or design, senior-level design professionals should have strong interpersonal skills; experience with graphic presentations, 3D renderings, and construction drawings; and proficiency in software such as AutoCAD, 2D/3D software, Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

Senior level positions for an Interior Designer: Senior Designer, Associate, Senior Interior Designer, Senior Interior Architect, Senior Architect, Senior Project Designer, Studio Manager, Creative Director, Design Director, Junior Principal, Junior Partner, Managing Director, Senior Associate, Studio Director.

The multifaceted and resourceful profession affords several great career opportunities for an interior designer and your time as a professional interior designer needs a strong and stable foundation that you can build upon. We at JD Institute of Fashion Technology are well equipped for just that. So, choose well and build an amazing career as an interior designer.