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Did you know the concept of clasps came about thousands of years back in ancient times? Read on to discover the history and how it evolved to its current hundreds of designs. If you want to learn about the types of clasps and new-age jewellery drafting skills, visit the Advanced Diploma in Jewellery Design offered by the JD Institute of Fashion Technology. If you

Have you decided to embark on a journey of jewellery design? If yes, you will need some travel companions: the essential jewellery making tools. When you are just beginning, choosing the best set of tools for the jewellery making kit for beginners can be daunting. A wide range of tools is available in the market, most of which are for specific purposes depending on

Fashion and music have a correlation, of style and sound have always been a strong cultural and self-expression determinants. Over time, music and fashion, as two pillars of artistic creativity, have been in an interdependent relationship that has greatly influenced each other in profound ways than anyone would expect. Harper’s BAZAAR This demonstrates how the fusion of fashion and music has not only defined various

Iconic movie costumes: Iconic movie costumes fill the history of any film industry because these clothes are the reflection of the characters. Clothes in cinemas mean much more than just clothes; they tell stories on their own, done through textiles, colour, and drawings. From the historical drama’s luxurious dresses to the tight-fitting suits worn by superheroes, movie costumes have always been used effectively in films

Do you know how jewellery designers enhance the shine of the precious stones in jewellery? They use different stone setting techniques. One such technique that is widely employed to craft exquisite rings and other jewellery is pave setting. Pave setting in jewellery is a creative art of jewellery designers that adds extra elegance and radiance to jewellery pieces, especially wedding rings, to accentuate the

Diamonds are a woman’s best friend. Over the years, the diamond jewellery market business has been on the rise. Asa part of this growing market, If you are not familiar with a diamond’s composition and design, it is possible that sellers may sell you fake diamonds in the name of real ones. Then the question remains- how to tell if a diamond is