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Celebrate Women’s Day With Femininity In Interior Design

This International Women’s Day introduce a dose of femininity in the interior that instantly jazzes up your space. The breath of femininity in the interior design domain is often mistaken with the addition of pink and flower in your home. However, when we say bring in the feminine touch inside your casa, we adhere to the idea of elegance, sophistication, flamboyance and emotion.

If we talk about the psychological aspect of femininity in interior design, it imparts a feel of easy and open communication, a space of evocative and bold thoughts, and a place that is intact with emotions.

The pandemic hit has made us learn a plethora of things and one realisation that has dawned upon us is the significance of our homes. Meanwhile, when we spend a good amount of time inside our homes, our souls stay itchy to bring changes to its interior every then and now. As changing the architecture of our home is not an easy task, going for a decor upgrade, especially inspired by women’s day, gives you the space you’ve been looking for.

Here are a few ways to add feminine energy, this women’s day, to your interior space:

1. Light Flowy Curtains:

Light and flowy curtains amp up your interior instantly. It gives way to natural light along with dispersing it properly in the room. Opt for curtains that are made up of cotton, silk, linen, acrylic fabrics as they give a sleek look to the area and also have a good fall. Moreover, curtains with tassels also look great and beautify your room. As women’s day is rubbing off its energy on us, going for a bunch of new curtains will definitely make everyone happy.Celebrate Women’s Day With Femininity In Interior Design

2. Pastel Shades:

High on the energy of women’s day, we would suggest you introduce pastel shades in your interior space. It is a quick and easy option to bring in freshness. Pastel shade is soothing, lively and revitalizes a lacklustre room. You can paint one wall of the room and it instantly uplifts your mood. Celebrate Women’s Day With Femininity In Interior Design

3. The texture of Fabrics:

For the decoration of your interior choose fabrics that ooze out femininity. Just experimenting with the texture of fabrics inside your home can result in a significant shift. Go for rich and soft fabrics for your sheets and covers. Moreover, decorate your space with rugs, carpets and soft pillows that ooze luxe and grace.Celebrate Women’s Day With Femininity In Interior Design

4. Soft and Curved Lines:

We all are aware of the importance of line in the design. It is no splash of colour but is characterized by the use of furniture, accessories and other architectural elements. Playing around with architectural elements is not handy but you can always look out for different furniture and accessories. Try going for light, curvy furniture and accessories like lamps, sculptures, mirrors and more that have a feminine touch. Curved lines inside your interior represent swift movement and entranced flow that signifies feminine character (a perfect way to bring feminine energy on this International Women’s Day).Celebrate Women’s Day With Femininity In Interior Design

5. Country Feel:

Remember the times your grandmother or your mom used to save those cookie boxes or bottles or jars to use in the household? This Women’s day, let’s acknowledge their effort. As the world is progressing and the environmental cost of human activities are measured, reuse and recycling of old products are more and more promoted. The interior design domain is adopting it and the use of upcycled products to decorate your home also gives a feminine touch to your interior. Moreover, experimenting with botanical motifs also gives a fresh and elegant vibe to your interiors.Celebrate Women’s Day With Femininity In Interior Design

Femininity in interior design is all about striking the balance between trendy and elegant elements. Achieving softness in the interior setup by playing with multiple aspects of designing resonates with the idea of introducing feminine hints in the home. Moreover, this Women’s day we want to embrace the feminine energy around us. Also, introducing femininity in the interior is not only about the novel and suave elements but incorporating the rustic decors with an aim to bring the design together, delivering a calm space to live.

In the M.Sc in Interior Design course of JD Institute of Fashion Technology, students learn various concepts of designs to improve and augment the experience of the built space.