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M.Sc. in Interior Design – Singhania University

The Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Interior Design is a two-year studio-based post graduate program offered by the JD Institute of Fashion Technology Bangalore and Cochin campuses in collaboration with Singhania University. This multi-disciplinary course through its experimental and innovative approach supports students to explore the scope and potential of interior design through a pedagogy that aims to challenge and question the nature of this industry today. The course curriculum explores design thinking with relation to space, material, communication and presentation through a mode of interrogation that integrates traditional and new approaches to conceptualisation, making and technology helping students to find and develop their areas of specialisation and interest.


M.Sc. in Interior Design equips its students to identify the current and potential concerns of the interior design industry and offer adaptive and efficient solutions that enhance the importance and significance of the field. As India witnesses an increase in the demand for a consciously and effectively constructed built space for human habitation and function, the interior design industry of the country is currently experiencing an evolution that promises immense career opportunities and an expanded scope for experimentation and innovation. This large-scale expanse brings its own set of issues and challenges, and this is what the M.Sc. in Interior Design trains its students to meet, innovate and lead through an approach that is sensitive and empathetic to the needs of the human mind and body.

  • To understand and integrate concepts such as sustainability, inclusivity and experiential design that aim to improve and augment the experience of built spaces. 
  • To design space that complement the daily navigation of human life through a methodology that is functional, aesthetic, responsible and responsive. 
  • To build confidence in students to challenge themselves and to take up projects; equip them with the skills necessary to handle vendors; build awareness of the building codes in order to help them become entrepreneurs and in marketing their services.
  • Build a strong portfolio that reflect their creative identity, skill and problem-solving methodologies. 
  • Development of the creative thinking capability of students and evaluating how they can meet the demand and challenges within specified time constraints. 
  • Students are given real-life exposure through site visits, research projects, store and factory visits and external projects.
  • Students at the master’s level will develop an advanced understanding of the current condition and potential scope of the interior design industry; they also develop the ability to identify and provide solutions to contemporary issues and concerns. 
  • Gain valuable understanding and application of design thinking and philosophies through an experimental and innovative approach. 
  • Identify and develop an individual area of specialisation, interest and expertise; stay updated on the workings of the interior design industry through field visits and projects. 
  • Develop the skill and aptitude to become effective and conscientious entrepreneurs with confidence and capability. 

JD Institute of Fashion Technology has the reputation of training students who are equipped with the skill to thrive and meet the demands of the real-world. The curriculum is designed based upon the advice of the industry and academy specialists.

  • The students can enter the industry as Interior designers / Design Partners / Interior Stylists / Interior Decorators / Project Manager / Lighting Designer / Interior Landscape Designer / 3D Visualiser.
  • They can start-up their own firms for Interior design / Consultancies / Material distributors / Project management.
  • Depending on their specialisation, they can find opportunities such as Set designers / Exhibition designer / Visual merchandiser / Architecture journalist / Restoration & Conservation specialist / Researcher.

Through the M.Sc. in Interior Design students will have the capacity to:

  • Develop an understanding of the issues facing the interior design industry and provide effective and adaptable solutions. 
  • Develop personalised design and problem solution methodologies; identify and develop areas of specialisation and expertise. 
  • Associate and collaborate with various designers, firms and design colleges.
  • Work on live industry projects with industry experts as the curriculum demands. 


  • Design Fundamentals
  • Material Sourcing
  • Drafting
  • Interior Services
  • Software 1 – AutoCAD
  • Workshop 1 – Research Methodologies and Design Philosophy
  • Product Design
  • Design Thinking
  • Communication Design 1 – Writing in Design
  • Space Design
  • Estimation and Costing
  • Software 2 – Sketch-up & V-Ray
  • Workshop 2 – Model Making
  • Residence Project
  • Lighting & Acoustics Design
  • Communication Design 2 – Graphic Design
  • Landscape Design
  • Workshop 3 – Visual Merchandising
  • Dissertation 1 – Part A
  • Dissertation 2 – Part A
  • Industry Project / Internship
  • Business of Interior Design
  • Vocational Studies
  • Dissertation 1 – Part B
  • Dissertation 2 – Part B
  • Thesis


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