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Cloud skin: New K-beauty makeup fad you need to know about

Cloud skin, the latest Korean beauty fad has taken the beauty industry by storm. K- beauty trends like glass skin, mirror skin, popsicle lips, and more were a big hit and now, it’s time to say hello to cloud skin.

While other makeup trends gave your skin a dewy finish and luminous look, this look is all about the cloudly appearance and Demi-matte finish to your face more like a soft focus.

Did you know? The term cloud skin was originally coined by M.A.C Cosmetics‘ global senior artist, Dominic Skinner.  The key to nailing cloud skin is to find the perfect balance between the textures layering on your skin – dewy, glowing and matte.

Makeup experts suggest cutting down using the highlighter for it and using translucent powder smartly for just that right amount of sheer illumination to give a light, soft look.

What is important is to blend the products in the right way that makes your skin look seamless and lit from within. The makeup trend became so popular that celebrities like Laura Harrier also took a shot at it.

Cloud skin makeup is the latest fad and preferred by many as it is low maintenance and can be applied on a daily basis, even during extreme humidity. Here is a guide to make your skin look cloudy and matt finish look. Just like your favorite Instagram filter.

Cloud skin New K-beauty makeup fad you need to know about

LAURA HARRIER: Instagram Profile

Here’s how to get the look like a pro:
  • Start with moisturizing your face and use sunscreen evenly on your face
  • Conceal any blemishes and set loose powder under and over the eyes.
  • Mix foundation and liquid highlighter along with a pinch of loose powder. Apply it evenly all over your face.

Cloud skin: New K-beauty makeup fad you need to know about

  • Contour your face lightly with a deeper powder product and use a natural blush in peachy tones.
  • Give your lips a natural tinted lip color with a lippy and skip outlining your lips.
  • The main step is to ditch the highlighter to give you the matte finish.

Keep your makeup light for the soft effect. You can always style your hair with natural curls to complete the look. Now you are all set to flaunt your new makeup look, the cloud skin makeup. It is not only doable but looks fab with every outfit you don. So this time when you stepping out ditch the strobing and dewy look and try out this illuminating cloud skin.