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Contemporary Photography contemporary photography - thumbnail 1 1 - Contemporary Photography 

Contemporary Photography, encompasses elements from many diverse photography techniques. It involves artistic movements and is often complex to understand. The movements are usually blurred, which creates an impact on the viewer. The blurriness is the passage from one movement to another, which is rarely accomplished in a single leap. Contemporary Photography was started during the 1980’s, as most of the photographers wanted to add a personal touch to their work. It Contemporary Photography  contemporary photography - contemporary photography - Contemporary Photography 

Contemporary Fashion Photography is mainly dedicated to showcase the clothing styles which comprises high fashion pieces worn by models. It is usually captured for advertising and commercial purposes. Fashion Photography has been in existence from the beginning of the century, but has been evolving as a genre with the moving time. The fashion photographers have also been newly termed by the millennials as the ‘image maker’. As they saw themselves as artists rather than photographers, though photography was their medium. Contemporary Photography with fashion has all been about the sway movements of the outfit adorned, or the background, which creates an illusion to the viewer. One of the famous fashion photographers is Helmut Newton. Contemporary Photography contemporary photography - visual art  - Contemporary Photography 

Contemporary Photography is also known for its visual art. The art of Photography has lately been more than illustrations or photojournalism, as many photographers now tend to achieve the aesthetics of a picture. However visual art gives the artist a way of expressing their emotions or beliefs through photography, with a certain concept or a story. Regardless of the chosen format, photography will always be a way to capture, examine and understand your surroundings. As technology develops and new equipment becomes available, the art of photography continues to evolve. The advancement of technology has helped in many emerging concepts like Distortion, Polaroid, Optical Illusions, Photomontage, Mixing of Genres, Digital Art and many more. Contemporary Photography  contemporary photography - photography  - Contemporary Photography 

Contemporary Photography differentiate photography from the original photography which is also known as Straight Photography. Both the types of photography serve different purposes, like contemporary photography serves in the artistic photography sector whereas straight photography is used to illustrate a certain subject matter. Contemporary Photography requires artistic skills and the end result of the captured image speaks for the work. To learn more about the concepts and in-depth of photography, one can enroll in the 3 month Diploma in Photography.