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Jewellery design is the art of creating designs that are delicate and exceptionally beautiful and applying expert practical skills to create a unique piece of jewellery. This area of design can be a dream profession for artistically inclined students that have an eye for detail and a knack for designing. A course in jewellery designing prepares students to undertake various jewellery-making projects with techniques like drafting, design theory, shading, illustration of shapes and forms using several mediums, and more.

Continue reading this article to learn more about the art of jewellery-making and how to become a jewellery designer in India.

Jewellery Designing: Understanding the Art

The history of jewellery designing as well as the practice of wearing it is extremely ancient. Traditional Indian jewellery has a legacy that is as old as the history of India. The word jewellery stems from the Latin word “jocale“, which means a plaything. Wearing jewellery is deeply connected with Indian culture and is significant in day-to-day life.

This importance comes from the belief that jewellery creates bonds between individuals to society and that most jewellery has deep cultural symbolisms and meanings.

Modern VS Traditional: Ways of Making Jewellery

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While jewellery designing is still done by hand using sketching and colouring methods, we have come a long way since the olden times. Technology has made the process of ideation easier with several computer design programs.

Traditionally, a hand-drawn jewellery pattern is used to make metal or wax moulds by skilled craftsmen. This is a lengthy process of moulding and bending heated elements to create a design. On the other hand, a CAD model is typically used as the foundation for a CNC cut or 3D printed ‘wax’ pattern.  It is used in rubber moulding to shape the jewellery, making the process easier.

A jewellery design course covers both traditional sketching and moulding jewellery by hand, and a cad jewellery design course so that the students can get well-rounded training.

Skills Required to Be A Jewellery Designer

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Being a jewellery designer requires a lot of focus and attention to detail. The most important attribute of jewellery designers is their understanding of design and passion for this profession.

They must be imaginative, creative, technically well-aware of the fashion industry, and dedicated to their work. As jewellery-making requires finessing fine details, a jewellery designer needs to have a high amount of patience.

A jewellery designer must cultivate computer designing and drawing skills. They must also have an open mind and visualise designs, stay updated on the latest trends of the industry and acquire practical skills with several materials.

Learning Jewellery Design: What do The Courses Teach?

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The best jewellery design course in India offers students a deep understanding of jewellery design concepts and hands-on experience in jewellery-making. Through the course, students can develop their skills in using drafting tools to illustrate the form, shape, and texture of metal designs.

A jewellery design diploma course also helps you to utilise these drafting tools to render white and yellow metals alongside a range of pearls and gemstones. A jewellery design course in India guides you in illustrating rings and fine jewellery in different styles to discover how to make your design ideas flow and develop motifs to create jewellery objects.

Besides preparing you for jewellery-making, these courses also make you understand pricing structures, presentation skills and how to give the finishing touches to your pieces.

Professional Pathways in Jewellery Design

If reading about designing jewellery excites you, you will naturally want to know more about how to become a jewellery designer. If you have questions like can I take jewellery designing courses after 12th or how to select a jewellery design course online, then we have got you covered!

When looking for jewellery design course colleges, make sure to go with an accredited institution. Look for student testimonies, course modules and career opportunities. By undertaking a jewellery design course from an accredited institution, you can enter the work field and choose among the many professional opportunities. Some of these include:

  • Product Developer in the Jewellery Industry
  • Fine Jewellery Designer
  • Jewelry Trends Researcher
  • Accessory Stylist at the Television and Film Industry
  • Modern Jewellery Designer

Besides, the salary for a jewellery designer is also great! According to AmbitionBox, a Jewellery Designer in India earns between INR 0.2 Lakhs to INR 8.0 Lakhs per annum with an average annual salary of INR 3.4 Lakhs.

Read this article to learn more about career opportunities for jewellery designers in India.

Wrapping Up

Jewellery designing can be an exciting opportunity for an artistically inclined individual. It offers a chance for artists to reflect on their surrounding culture and express that in the form of tangible artwork that their customers can wear.

Naturally, you might be wondering how to seize this opportunity to undertake a course in jewellery designing in India. Why not enrol in a Bachelor’s in Jewellery Design at JD School of Design? This course in jewellery designing will instil entrepreneurial capacity in you alongside being a skilled jeweller so you can start your designing career today!