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Curtains and blinds trending in 2021

If curtains and blinds had to be defined in a single term, it would probably be the ‘concealer’ of the interior design world. Curtains and blinds used to decorate the windows in the interiors can win or bust the value of the entire house.

It is a well-known fact that curtains and blinds are used to decorate the interiors of a place. Offering multiple advantages and serving numerous functions, curtains and blinds have evolved to complement the growing trends and styles in interior design.

Curtains and blinds trending in 2021

Curtains and blinds trending in 2021

The material used to make curtains and blinds makes a world of a difference to the vibe, feel and naturally, the look of the room altogether. While some curtains and blinds are chosen for their durability, others are chosen purely for their aesthetic appeal.

In this blog, let’s take a look at some of the trending curtains and blinds making noise in 2021:

1. Neutral colors 

If the focal point is colors, curtains and blinds of neutral colors are still at the top of the game. White curtains, for instance, are a universal color for curtains suiting all the styles in interior design. If the style is Scandinavian interior design, white curtains are a major component. If the style is maximalist interior design, then white curtains are used as a minimizer amidst the vibrant and colorful elements of interior design.

Curtains and blinds trending in 2021

Curtains and blinds trending in 2021 – Neutral colors

2. Linen curtains 

Whether your house is by the beach or you love traditional interior design for your interiors, linen curtains fit just right with everything. Linen curtains pose dense benefits from the ability to handle heat to its level of customization, they are a bright catch for any window.

Curtains and blinds trending in 2021

Curtains and blinds trending in 2021 – Linen curtains

3. Silk curtains 

Silk curtains are becoming widely popular in 2021. The word silk takes every mind to royalty. Silk is a pure reflection of luxury and luster and silk curtains take the interiors a notch higher to sophistication.

Curtains and blinds trending in 20214. Layered curtains 

If there’s anything about the human mind that we have succeeded to decipher, it is that the mood and preferences change with time. Layered curtains are the best pick for such people who wish to have everything in their interiors. With a combination of blackout curtains, layered curtains give the luxury to choose the amount of sunlight they want entering through the window.

5. Beaded curtains 

Beaded curtains are designed exclusively for the beauty they add to the interiors. These curtains absolutely come with the tag of being unique which is probably why beaded curtains have made it to the trending list of curtains and blinds in 2021.

Curtains and blinds trending in 2021

Curtains and blinds trending in 2021 – Beaded curtains

Curtains and blinds are an intricate part of the interior design process. Without this, the interior design feels incomplete and desolated. The onus of interior designers is to ensure the feeling of desolation disappears and create a lively feel in the interiors. JD Institute of Fashion Technology is one such interior design institute offering the best interior design education.