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Custom Jewellery – The mark of a true artist

Custom Jewellery crafting requires a pleasant design that brings together the amalgamation of rare metals and gemstones. Every beautiful precious stone becomes a beautiful piece of jewellery when crafted right. Inorder to create custom designed jewellery there are some things that need to be taken into consideration.

Custom Jewellery – The mark of a true artist

Customised rings

Before creating custom jewellery, the value of the stones and its authenticity must be evaluated as there is an influx of fake stones in the market which are not worth anything. Inorder to create a great piece of custom jewellery the jewellery designers must listen to the client’s brief carefully so that the piece of jewellery is created to suit their taste perfectly. Hence, the stone chosen must complement the jewel’s design. The form and colour of the metallic part must be in harmony with the gemstone. There are some Clients who would prefer to incorporate a picture of their loved one instead of a precious stone. Pictures are usually incorporated in pendants or brooches.

Custom Jewellery – The mark of a true artist


Custom jewellery is expensive too as one can choose to include rarest stones available on the market, for example a violet sapphire, which is only found in a few rare places. Gemstones are also available in many colours and textures. Since the whole purpose of creating custom jewellery is to design and produce something unique it takes time and patience as there are infinite possibilities in creating such kind of jewellery. Time must be invested in ensuring that the Client gets the best inorder to reward them with the perfect piece of jewellery. It takes time to create custom jewellery due to the attention to detail and fine work that it requires.

Custom Jewellery – The mark of a true artist

Intricate Custom Jewellery

Custom bracelets are quite fashionable nowadays. It is special as one can have names inscribed on it or design it to suit an outfit or even the addition of varied stones or choice of metal. Making custom bracelets is tasteful and can even be considered artistic.

Custom Jewellery – The mark of a true artist

Inscribed Bracelet

You may consider antique jewellery, or even other culture’s jewels a source of inspiration for your custom jewellery design. If everything will work as it should, you will have a lasting piece of jewellery of great emotional value and beauty.

Custom jewellery trend is catching up. For students of jewellery design it is important to understand various forms of jewellery. Learn more by enrolling in the 1-year Diploma in Fine Jewellery Design course offered at one of the best jewellery designing institutes in Cochin.