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Types of Fashion Photography

Types of Fashion Photography include a wide range of photography. The fashion industry is an extensive industry that includes the various aspects of production and designs. The majority of them make use of Photography in some or the other form. Hence it is further divided into many sub-genres based on the target client, skills and budget. Few of the types of Fashion Photography which include, High Fashion Photography, Runway Fashion Photography, Editorial Fashion Photography, LookBook Photography, Catalogue Fashion Photography, Street Fashion Photography and many more.

Editorial Fashion PhotographyTypes of Fashion Photography

Editorial Photography is generally aspirational, similar to lifestyle photography. The model is presenting a character and wearing clothing that you might not wear every day but wish you did. Editorial fashion photography gets its name from the fact that it appears in books and magazines about fashion and photography. Editorial shoots can tell a product or brand’s storyline, tell a tale, or depict a current trend. Photoshoots are frequently held on location rather than in a studio, and the ambience can vary greatly from one to the next. There is always a storyline behind every shoot.

High Fashion PhotographyTypes of Fashion Photography

High Fashion Photography is just not selling or exhibiting the garments, but it is also the selling or showcasing the creative vision and style of fashion businesses. The main idea here is to highlight the ideas and skills of all the creative parties involved: the clothes designer, of course, but also the cosmetics and hairstylists. These pictures are frequently printed for fine-art exhibitions or high-end books, which require a high level of detail and resolution in order to preserve print quality.T

Street Fashion Photography Types of Fashion Photography

Street fashion photography, also known as street style photography, focuses on what people are wearing and the way it is styled in the real world. Street fashion photography started as a sub-genre of street photography in which people were photographed in their daily lives with a focus on displaying their individual sense of style. In Street Photography, candid photographs of real people in the streets look better.

Catalog Fashion PhotographyTypes of Fashion Photography

Catalog Fashion Photography in the form of a fashion catalogue displays fashion items in a clear and appealing manner so that buyers can get a feel for how they appear and fit before purchasing.  The photo shoot is usually done in a studio with a neutral backdrop. For this style of photography, a variety of lighting setups are done.

Runway Fashion PhotographyTypes of Fashion Photography

Runway Fashion Photography includes the pictures of the latest collections showcased by the Fashion Designers. The photographer has to be flexible to capture the best pictures in any condition, as it’s a fast paced show. Because runway photography can include everything from dramatic photos to full-length outfits and detail shots of accessories, the focal length depends depend on what you’re shooting.

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Types of Fashion Photography