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Are you a sales executive who dreams of designing an interior for houses and restaurants? Are you a chemistry teacher with a passion for photography? Are you a customer service associate who always wanted to design logos and UX pages but could not earn a degree or diploma due to financial constraints? You can fulfil your dreams and passions by signing up for

Motion graphics designing, also known as motion designing, is a form of graphic designing which includes a mixture of graphic design, animation and timelines. Unlike regular graphic designing which is mostly static, motion designers make use of visual effects and animation to bring motion to their designs. If you are a student who wants to pursue a course in motion graphics designing or a

You have a passion for styling hair and want to become a professional hairstylist. You also have a deep love for makeup and like to experiment with new looks by using different cosmetics. Which one should you choose? Or, can you combine both and work as a hairstylist-cum-makeup artist? Is there a course that single-handedly guides in both of these areas? Let us

Fashion is the prevailing style during a particular time. When we talk about fashion, in general, we mostly mean clothing, shoes and other accessories like makeup and hair which are related to keeping oneself pretty. Fashion all over the world may or may not be the same. Countries like France, the USA, Italy, India and Japan and Spain are the forerunners and frontrunners

A duplex home  is a paradise for everyone. Everyone aspires to have a duplex home of their own at some point in their lives. The reasons are abounding for this. A duplex home in India is considered the highest standard of living. A duplex home in India represents comfort, luxury and most of all, healthy living.  However, the truth be told, the interior design of

Gemology or, which is also known as gemmology is the science of dealing with natural and artificial gemstone materials.  It falls under the branch of mineralogy. It is the science of studying, cutting, and valuing precious stones, but the essential part of gemology is to identify the gemstones, which is done by a gemologist. This role involves examination of gemstones using microscopes, computerized tools, and

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