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One of the oldest methods of self-expression and social signalling has been the usage of jewellery. Whether in ancient or modern civilisations, jewellery has been significant for making a statement or enhancing social interactions. But what can be called a perfect piece of art regarding jewels? What kind of training do jewellery designers undergo? Can anyone enrol in a jewellery designing course? Read on

Numerous universities in India now offer an interior decoration course. Due to technological innovation and shifting lifestyles in India, the business has the potential to grow significantly in the future.  It offers a chance for a global career and the freedom to practise independently. It isn’t that simple to get into the industry if you just make up your mind about it. You must

Study habits for college and successful time management Study habits for college success, time management, and good study habits are like a trusted guide who can show you the best way through a maze. It’s more than just organising your calendar; it’s the all-important key to excelling in every other aspect of college life. It doesn’t matter if it is classes, homework, fun stuff, or

Human beings are social creatures. We find happiness in trivial and big moments and want to share them with the world, so much so that we have turned this event hosting into a booming industry valued to reach $1,552.9 billion by 2028. If you are an event management aspirant that is looking to leverage this opportunity, congratulations! Your path towards a booming event industry

Humans have always used art for creative expression, and one of many forms of expression is graphic designing. It is the process of making visual content to communicate a message or information to the masses and a subset of communication design. The elements used in graphic design are illustrations, typography, colours, icons and photographs. In today’s booming technology era, it is used for

Wondering how the interior designing course admission process works? You’ve come to the right spot. Interior design is an up-and-coming field that masterfully marries functionality, ergonomics and aesthetics. Interior designing translates your personality into a visual living space and enhances your quality of life. Careers in interior design can be a perfect balance between your creativity and financial goals. To pursue a career in

Abroad education for Indian Students Abroad Studying: Introducing a world of opportunities for Indian students, the opportunity to study abroad isn't just about earning a degree—it's an adventure packed with academic growth, cultural immersion, and personal development. As the global landscape of education continues to expand, Indian students are presented with an array of enticing options across countries renowned for their esteemed universities and vibrant