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Diwali fashion is more than just a new dress, it is the feeling of nostalgia, exhilaration of a brand-new day, exuberant show down within our little community of friends, neighbours and family, and illimitable sentiment of new possibilities, all rolled into one whole day of festive celebration. ‘What to wear for Diwali?’ is of course an ever-present, incessant question that nags the back

Young minds are full of imaginative ideas and design ethics to become innovative interior designers. They have the ability to be creative and innovative, but they need adults to help guide and encourage them. The JD Institute of Fashion Technology Standards for Educators reminds us that it is important to model and nurture creativity in order to communicate ideas effectively. When children become

Every day, we as a society are knocking down information barriers by the second. Whether we are at home or on our phones, we have more access to the internet and all of its contents than ever before in human history. In just a few clicks, we can go from learning about the basics of quantum mechanics to reading about the latest celebrity

I asked a friend who works for a leading design company as a Product Designer, what he looks for when hiring. He told me that he prioritizes candidates with excellent communication skills and those who trust their process over those with an exceptional portfolio. He went on to say that during difficult times at work, it's crucial to have someone on your team

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