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Space plan or a floor plan is an orthographic projection drawing viewed from above ground looking down. The space plan or the floor plan is the most basic element of the interior design process. It starts with an extensive analysis of how the space is to be used, for what purpose and all the functional elements that needs to be used in the space. The interior designer then draws up a

Why is On Campus learning important, when we get the same education from the comfort of our couch. The endless ambiguity in the educational system across the globe and the whole generation of change brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic has left us with a plethora of choices that might not have been possible for much longer. The sudden shift towards virtual classrooms and

Colour exists all around us. We are attuned to associating each colour in the spectrum to a specific memory or a feeling. It evokes memories, feelings of nostalgia or even hunger. The concept of colour that is hardwired in our brain is often overlooked. It might be overlooked by us but not by major corporations. Organizations spend substantial amount of time, effort and

Fashion designing is a sophisticated industry, as graceful as a swan, serene on the outside and paddling like crazy beneath to keep it afloat. If you are vying to be this serene and graceful swan, you need to know some fancy jargons, so the outside world knows you are the prettiest bird on the water that works like crazy to keep afloat. Do

Fashion industry constantly evolves and the last five decades of the 20th-century are what most of us in the current generation call the classics. The evergreen cuts of 50s, 60s and so on. The bandanas, beehive hairstyles and winged eyeliners, the classics are making a strong comeback with just a touch of the modern-day fashion and styling. The elegance of the retro trends

Fashion trends are what’s popular and what’s “in” for the season or for the foreseeable future. These fashion predictions are the pre-cursors to fast fashion. The fashion trends that are affected by major shifts in the society like demographic changes, change in lifestyle, economic conditions and such are macro trends. Whereas fashion trends brought about by influencers or a new fad that only

Draping is the process of transforming your 2D fashion illustration into a 3D form. If you are on YouTube India or Instagram reels you might have come across saree draping. While that is a form of draping, it is a technical term in fashion designing. Before we start off on a technical lecture, read up about how old the art of draping is. History

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