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Double french manicure: Switch up your french tip game with this trend

Double french manicure is a way to switch up your usual manicure game. This time when you visit your manicurist ask for a creative upgrade like the double french manicure. With so many nail art trends catching up on social media beauty trends.

So what is so different about the double french manicure trend compared to other french tips. Two french manicure lines are painted along the tip of your nails. Combining multiple designs like the slanted variation, the deep French, and the neon french twist. Such Instagrammable trends.

Not only does it look trendy but is sophisticated in a lot of different ways. It’s basically an ode to the minimalist nail art trend. This version of mani is way more graphic and funky.Double french manicure: Switch up your french tip game with this trend

Here’s what you need to keep in mind when you get a double french manicure
  • The double french manicure trend can be customized to fit your personal beauty style.
  • The lines on the tips of the nails can either have negative space between them or hug closely together.
  • Keep it simple with classic white or black tips, add a pop of color with complementary neon hues, or include an accent finger and some glitter to really jazz things up.
Time required:

About 30 minutes

Tools needed:
  • Masking tape or nail tip guides.
  • One dark nail polish and one light.
  • A clean-up brush and nail polish remover to touch up mistakes.
  • A striping brush; they’re the best for painting the thin lines.
  • A topcoat.

Double french manicure: Switch up your french tip game with this trend

Step by step tutorial to nail double french manicured nails

Step 1: 

Start by cutting thin pieces of masking tape or even peel off nail tip guides which help you give arch shape at the tips of the nail as well as even.

Step 2:

Use the masking tape of nail tip guides and leave some of the nail tip exposed. Paint the exposed arch and press the tape firmly so that the polish doesn’t leak.

Step 3: 

Here we start painting the tip of your nails with a darker shade. Make sure to wipe excess polish off on the bottle before applying.

Step 4: 

We let the polish dry for a few minutes and remove the tape. Do not wait for the paint to fully dry, otherwise you risk peeling off the polish that you painted your nail with.

Step 5: 

Next, we paint the thinner layer of paint on top of our nails. First start off applying the at the very edge and then you can work your way in, in case you are feeling very shaky.

Step 6: 

Now, we go back to drying. Set the timer on your phone for about five minutes and apply a topcoat. Make sure to seal the edge of your nail so you can keep the design from chipping.