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Elements and Principles of Design 7

Elements and Principles of Design | An Exhibition by Interior Department

A great looking product, installation or an art is very important to make any ambience or an interior space look good. Yet without a solid combination to build upon, these products and installations will never be as compelling or attractive as they can be. The “elements and principles of design” have been called the language of art, or the building blocks to create an art. It can lead a design to wonders or can ruin it. Understanding the essence of it in any design field, we at JD Institute of Fashion Technology encourage our students to think outside the box yet following the basic rules behind it.

Knowing how these elements help to narrate a design, the students of the Interior Department were assigned a dynamic, challenging project to create an installation and wallpaper based on an individual theme. The project involved ideating for and conceptualizing an installation with the design theory.

elements and principles of design

Creativity dwelled from one corner to the other. One side of the corner featured a beautiful tribal installation “woyengi” followed by eye-catching design school “Callistus”. To the left students showcased beautiful wallpapers and art for a Mexican restaurant, Acting School, Amusement park etc whereas in the opposite corner students showcased huge installations for a Japanese food place, seafood restaurants etc. The exhibition was a kick-start for jediiians to understand the working of a design process.

Elements and Principles of Design 3

In this process, the interior design course students were exposed to heavy research, ideation, sourcing, and prototype. It was a great learning experience for them and indeed their understanding of concept was reflected in their work.

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Elements and Principles of Design 7