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How 3D Printing Is Taking The Fashion World By Storm

How 3D Printing Is Taking The Fashion World By Storm
3D Printing technology is taking the fashion world by storm by making designers transition from painstaking traditional textile and design methods to digital one-off production techniques that can be repeated and reused within minutes. Unlike traditional fashion which uses mould designs, 3D printing focuses on creating unique kinds of art by a process called ‘rapid prototyping.’ Also known as ‘Additive Manufacturing’, 3D printing creates designs of extreme patterns and intricacies that were otherwise not possible without endless hours and traditional textile techniques. Rigidity constraint in designs is tackled with the use of mesh systems such as seen in Danit Peleg’s 2015 collections. The benefits of 3D Printing are endless- from reducing waste to minimizing offshore manufacturing and shipping costs. The technology today is being applied to fashion, jewellery, accessories, and much more, thus revolutionizing the way the industry is being perceived by the public.

How 3D Printing Is Taking The Fashion World By Storm

At JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Fashion Design Courses like Diploma in Fashion Design or Jewellery Design Courses like the Diploma in Jewellery Design incorporates state of the art technology to ensure that every pupil enrolled is equipped with the best of skills and up to date knowledge of cutting edge developments in their respective fields.

Recent examples of 3D technology were showcased by Architect Francis Bitonti and Fashion Designer Michael Schmidt where they collaboratively crafted a garment for Burlesque Diva Dita Von Tesse, which was worn on the convention hosted at the Ace Hotel in March. Paris Fashion Week unveiled Dutch Designer Iris Van Herpen’s masterpieces. Other examples of this technology’s rising potential were demonstrated via the introduction of 3D-printed jewellery and 3D-printed shows from companies like Hot Pop Factory and New Balance.

How 3D Printing Is Taking The Fashion World By Storm

3D Printing’s USP is the fact that buyers don’t have to visit retail stores to acquire custom designs. Instead, by owning a 3D printer and downloading or creating customised designs online, they are able to print out intricate and creative fashion wear within short time frames. Websites like Thingiverse and Shapeways have emerged as 3D-printing players in segments related to clothing and accessories and aesthetically speaking, the freedom to create geometrically-intricate patterns that please the eye and add smart features are what makes 3D Printing the creative genius of the new age Fashion’s Third Industrial Revolution.

Moving towards textiles, the inspiration lies in how 3D printing works in harmony with textiles using high-end PolyJet 3D Printing technology. Through a fusion of traditional textile techniques and 3D-printing processes, 3D printing is bridging the gap and seeing an increase in creative lineups in the fashion world. The Foliage Dress was revealed at the Galerie de Minéralogie et de Geologie in Paris of the Ludi Natuae Haute Couture Collection designed by Iris Van Herpen. It was developed by TU Delft Scientists using Stratasys PolyJet 3D-Printing Technology and is a wonderful application of this recent innovation.

How 3D Printing Is Taking The Fashion World By Storm

Since printers are almost reaching perfection in creating fabric-like materials using interlocking builds and stitches, 3D manufacturers are shifting their focus towards manufacturing breathable and wearable materials, in combination with organic materials. The technology is cheaper and more efficient from a cost-effective standpoint, providing more opportunities and saving time for young designers who want to quench their thirst of artistic impulses without compromising on financial security and minimum volumes. The future of 3D printing is transforming into a reality as university programmes and key companies are pushing towards mainstream adoption.

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