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Event Management – Career Opportunities

Event Management offers a plethora of opportunities and is gaining popularity among young aspirants. Every occasion no matter the size of the function is celebrated with gusto. From birthdays, weddings and pre and post wedding functions, get-togethers, exhibitions, corporate conferences, product launches, fashion events, music gigs etc., event management industry caters to a wide variety of celebrations. Organisations and individuals have recognized the benefits of seeking professional help for these events. Event management is a complex job that requires skills that involve creativity, flawless planning, relationship management, networking etc. to compose an idea into a flawless reality.

Event Management Today

Event ManagementDue to the ongoing pandemic there has been a tectonic shift in the way events have been perceived and conducted. Technology has further enabled to open up events to attendees from around the world. With live streaming gaining considerable traction due to the ongoing pandemic especially for events that would otherwise require physical presence, this has challenged event professionals to become be flexible and look at the bigger picture. Thus, calibrating from a long-term planning range is much needed.

Essential skills

Event Management – Career Opportunities

The skills required to thrive in event management are exemplary communication skills. One has to interact with a chain of people from clients to multiple vendors and a number of professionals who are instrumental for the events. Having a creative streak enables the professional to identify with the Clients vision and requirements. Analytical ability is crucial, no matter how well-planned an event it, there are bound to be a number of last-minute issues that may crop up and hence understanding these factors helps to stay prepared to deal with them. Whereas, organisational skills which is of utmost importance while handling events and the numerous professionals alongwith clients to see the event through without any glitches.

A successful event is the handiwork of an army of people who work in the background and are responsible for the success of an event. Hence, following is the list of career opportunities aspirants can look forward to post the completion of professional Event Management.

 Event Planner

In this profile the Candidate is responsible for every pre-event tasks that involve minute detail of an event. The Event Planner works alongside the Client to curate the event based on their intent and ideas. Creating a detailed plan of the event from the theme, budget, venue selection, drawing contracts, sourcing vendors, menu creation and hiring caterer, selecting décor, invitations and communications, entertainment are overlooked by this profile.

 Event Manager

Though used interchangeably there are actually different. Event Manager is more experienced than the Event Planner. Managing logistics, coordinating with the staffing agency, vendors, suppliers, layout of the venue, overlooking health and safety plan, monitoring the event and being a Client interface are tasks assigned to an Event Manager.

 Exhibition Organiser

The job profile of an Exhibition Organiser is similar to that of an event planner. The only difference is that exhibition organisers plan and execute fairs and exhibitions. Their role involves planning the layout of exhibition halls, activities such as workshops, seminars and demonstrations; venue researching, selling stand or exhibition space; sponsorship; insurance and legalities involved, health and safety requirements; caterers, stand designers and hiring equipment; promoting the event and organising the production of tickets, posters, catalogues and sales brochures; overlooking the dismantling and removal of stands.

Event Designer

Event Designers possess a creative aptitude for using space and attention to detail. In this role the professional works alongside the Event Planner to ensure that the design of the event goes according to the plan. Some of the responsibilities involve identifying the design goals of the Client; make the presentation of the plan; meet vendors; collaborated with Event Planners and ensure that the plan is completed by the set deadline.

Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner are instrumental in organizing the wedding event. They overlook the countless wedding functions and details such as the guest list, guest invitations, wedding theme, pick-up and drop of the guests, music, menu as well as other logistical work.

 Logistics Manager

Logistics Manager is a key role that supports the delivery of events with a focus on the logistical activity. This profile requires a responsibility and management of the transportation of equipment, guests and other requirements for the event.

Event Management programme like a BBA in Event Management can be sought by aspirants who seek to make a career in this field.

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Event Management – Career Opportunities