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Everybody loves a good party! But planning, organising and hosting one? Not so much! If you are among the few who love putting together events and social gatherings of all kinds, event management may be an ideal career choice. The best way to enter this fast-paced and unique industry is through formal education- like a degree or a diploma. In an event management course, you learn the ropes of end-to-end planning and develop niche skills. 

It also gives you an insight into this rapidly growing market and makes strong industry connections. Fortunately, there is no dearth of good event management courses in India. But make no mistake, choosing one that is ideal for you is crucial to gaining success in this field. 

In this blog, we’ll explore event management eligibility, skills and learning outcomes. You can also learn about the various career opportunities available and the probable salary paid. 

P.S. Save some time and check out JD Institute of Fashion Technology’s Diploma course in Event Management. Combining intensive skill training with the latest industry knowledge, this course prepares you for an enriching career as an event planner.  

But First, How To opt For the Best Event Management Courses After 12th 

Choosing an appropriate event management course depends on your career goals and skills. As there aren’t many undergraduate courses tailored specifically for event management, a diploma or certificate programme is preferred. Keep in mind the following factors when you choose an event management course 

  • Study mode– Decide whether to pursue an event management online course or attend classes physically.  
  • Subjects offered– If you are doing an event management degree right after school, you can choose courses that offer diverse subjects. This way can experience it all before deciding on your career path. On the flip side, if this is a specialisation degree for you, feel free to choose a niche programme. 
  • A good mix of everything– Your ideal programme should cover the basic logistics of event organisation with health and safety codes, the latest strategies and industry-trained lecturers. 

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Checking all these boxes is the diploma programme in Event Management at the JD Institute of Fashion Technology. If you are also interested in pursuing an MBA, take a look at this MBA in Fashion Business and Event Management.  

Event Management Course Outline 

Generally, event management courses promote industry awareness and equip students with the skills needed to ace this job. The curriculum emphasises the importance of fundamental analytical skills like leadership, marketing, decision-making and entrepreneurship. 

Diverse aspects like managerial training, event conceptualisation, material sourcing, vendor communication and organisational abilities are covered here.   

Learning Outcome 

With a certification in event management, you should be able to: 

    • Manage the entire client and vendor communication process. 
    • Use event management skills like determining budgets, managing finances, understanding design needs and commercial and management expertise to run a business. 
    • Understand supply chain fluctuations and plan for contingencies. 
    • Work with industry experts and receive feedback for the same.

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Subjects Covered 

The subjects in event management courses vary according to the degree. Undergraduate degrees are broader and contain everything from basic accounting to business management. Diploma courses are more niche and include subjects like event planning basics, safety and security standards, supply chains and more. Generally, the following subjects are taught in a certificate programme. 

  • Event Marketing 
  • Business Communication and Negotiation Skills 
  • Fabrication and Production
  • Organisational Structure and Business Processes 
  • Event Production and Logistics 
  • Brand Management  
  • PR and Event Management 
  • Event Risk Management 
Bang For The Buck: Event Management Course Fees 

Now to the most important part! Event Management course fees vary depending on the course duration, the type of institute offering the course and additional services offered. The fees generally range from Rs.20,000 to Rs.2,00,000 for a diploma course. A postgraduate degree might cost anywhere between Rs.4,00,000 to Rs.6,00,000 for two years.  

This is because these courses generally offer theoretical and practical curricula with industrial exposure. Most colleges provide placements as well.  

What Is The Scope Of Event Management? Career Opportunities and Salaries Earned 

According to OutlookIndia, the event industry can grow 25-30% in 2023. Such enormous growth means the job market is viable, making event planning one of the most lucrative careers today. 

Event management as a career is open for full-time workers and freelancers. You can set up shop or join an organisation for the experience. The options are limitless! You can also pursue these alternate paths.  

Event Manager 

Event planners work on the directions given by event managers. If you are great at delegating tasks, conceptualising ideas and multitasking, this role may be an ideal fit. Experience is what differentiates event planners and managers. However, getting a degree from a reputed institute may help you get this job! 

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According to Glassdoor, event management jobs for freshers come with a starting pay of Rs. 3.7 LPA! It can reach up to Rs. 6LPA. 

Social Media Event Coordinator 

If you have a flair for the ‘gram and marketing is one of your strengths, a job as a social media event coordinator may be for you. Generally, they work with event management companies and handle their day-to-day marketing and PR responsibilities.  

This role has a starting pay of Rs.1.8 LPA, according to Glassdoor. 

Wedding Planner 

Wedding planning is a totally different ballgame. It is a much more involved process, with lengthy customisation lists and requirements! Give this a try if you like bringing people’s dream days to life! 

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According to sources at Glassdoor, the national average salary for wedding planners is Rs. 4.8 LPA.  

Corporate Event Manager 

Another specialised field- corporate event managers are affiliated with an MNC and take on work exclusively for them. It includes staff training, seminars, conferences and business meetings.  

As per AmbitionBox, they are highly paid, with an average event management salary of Rs.5 LPA.  

Wrapping Up 

The best way to prep for a career in a field like events is through getting a degree from a reputed institution. It opens multiple doors and hones your skills. Among the top choices is JD Institute’s Event Management Diploma in Event Management Course. With a focus on industry-based learning, this programme will provide the perfect kickstart into the field. The best part is that they are currently open for admissions! Apply now and reap the benefits!