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Hair Care is the cliched, discussed and most dissected topic of all. Frizz free, sulphate-free, cruelty-free, protein-rich, Keratin infused, organic, volumizing, the list is as long as it can possibly get. Well, I know it’s hard to assimilate much less make sense of it all. Over use of products does more damage than any real good to your hair. Might be over rated but all your hair needs is some good dose of healthy, which takes time, patience and consistent effort to achieve.Everyday Hair care hair care - Everyday Hair care 1 - Everyday Hair care 

Same as any other part of your body, hair suffers the damage from both internal and external factors of influence. Well, it is time to find your way to the root of the problem to solve it. Pardon my pun! Start with simple things that you can control easily, reduce sun damage by limiting exposure, keep yourself hydrated (Trust me! Makes a real difference), be gentle with your hair after all it is a part of your own body. Here is a simple 5 step routine (No product placement!) to make your tresses shine and glimmer.

Step 1 – Hydration:

The most crucial step that most people choose to ignore. Well, the shine and smooth strands you desire can be achieved with simple oil massage. That’s all it takes. Warm oil soothes your scalp and nourishes your hair from root to tip. Be gentle with your hair as you gently apply oil evenly. Hair needs hydration and nourishment same as any other part of your body. Do not over use. Do not let it oil up your scalp for too long. Wash it off well after some time.

Step 2 – Shampoo:

Keeping your hair clean is the most crucial part of the hair care routine. Clean it well from scalp to tip. Be gentle as you massage. Again, do not over use. For medium length hair, use shampoo that doesn’t exceed the size of a coin. Lather up well before you apply. Be sure to wash off all the product. So, that’s half the routine done.

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Step 3 – Conditioner:

Lightly squeeze out the excess water when you are done with the shampoo. Apply your conditioner from root to tip on damp hair and leave it for the specified amount of time. Rinse it well and ensure to get all the product off your hair before drying it. The conditioner helps lock in the moisture and helps your hair look shinier. That’s how you bring your hair to stay smooth and shiny.Everyday Hair care hair care - Everyday Hair care 3 - Everyday Hair care 

If you use hair colouring, it is generally recommended to use a leave-in conditioner. It helps the hair stay moisturised for longer. No fear of drying out there. Take your time to read through and research your choice of product before decide to buy and use it on your hair.

Step 4 – Drying:

Lightly dab on your tresses to remove the dampness and let it air dry or blow dry your hair, as you see fit. Although using high heat for blow dry generally causes excess hair damage. So, better to use it with some care. Dry your hair well before you use any styling tools on it. Be mindful of unintentionally roughing up your hair. Be gentle and dab on your hair to remove the dampness. Do not pull or strain your hair in an attempt to dry it faster. It will lead to breakage.Everyday Hair care hair care - Everyday Hair care 4 - Everyday Hair care 

Step – Styling:

Styling your hair was never easier. Use care to not damage your hair in an attempt to style your hair. It might look and feel great on Day 1 but almost always leaves a long-term damage if you do not follow the necessary precautions. If you use styling tools that use heat, apply a layer of thermal protector spray or heat protector spray before you use heat on your hair to style your locks.

Bonus Care – Hair Mask:

Once in a week, it is good to give your hair the spa treatment it deserves for making you look and feel great. Use a hair mask of your choice. Gently massage it into the scalp and apply it evenly till the root. It helps nourish your beautiful locks.

Bonus Care – Hair Gloss Spray:

Hair Gloss spray is the secret go-to product for many. It gives your hair the boost of colour and helps gain the salon-grade shine and glimmer. Good hair days are not very far for you!