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Contrary to what people say, product design has existed since time immemorial. However, while product design is as old as civilisation, it only became a profitable profession a decade ago. Therefore “is product design a good career?” is a question many ask as it is a relatively new and lucrative career. A product designer is responsible for ideating, creating, designing and developing a

Hair Care is the cliched, discussed and most dissected topic of all. Frizz free, sulphate-free, cruelty-free, protein-rich, Keratin infused, organic, volumizing, the list is as long as it can possibly get. Well, I know it’s hard to assimilate much less make sense of it all. Over use of products does more damage than any real good to your hair. Might be over rated

Colour exists all around us. We are attuned to associating each colour in the spectrum to a specific memory or a feeling. It evokes memories, feelings of nostalgia or even hunger. The concept of colour that is hardwired in our brain is often overlooked. It might be overlooked by us but not by major corporations. Organizations spend substantial amount of time, effort and

Crafts in India inform the country’s textile and fashion industries. These indigenous practices that hold immense relevance in terms of meaning, significance and history, are unfortunately seeing a decline in their practice especially during the time of the current pandemic. As part of their Craft Documentation module, students Pooja Harish, Swarna Pratha K., Pranavi P. and Veena V. from JD Institute’s Post Graduate