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Fashion Designing Tools: Basic Must Have

Fashion Designing is now a contemporary profession which is gradually turning into one of the most pursued streams in the country amongst the youth. This profession allows one to showcase their talents and creative skills in the most imaginative way. Apart from this, the demand for courses on fashion designing are increasing by the day, along with the demand for the basic tools on achieving the foundation of the concept. It is necessary to have the right equipment as the job isn’t as easy as it sounds. Here are the basic tools required for a fashion designer:

Tape Measure

Fashion Designing Tools: Basic Must Have

A tape measure is one thing that every fashion designer can not afford to lose. At the most, every designer needs to keep backups of this tool in more than one place. When using this designer tool, is it preferred to place it around the neck, while others may keep it in the plastic box or  wrap it around the wrist to avoid losing it. It is almost impossible for a fashion designer to design clothing without using a tape measure.

Numerous fashion designers who are beginners often tend to use set squares and grading rulers to cut the clothing material accurately without any mess. If one is unable to work with a tape measure and still wants to create clothes with perfect fitting, then set squares and grading rulers can help achieve that.

Pair of scissors 

Fashion Designing Tools: Basic Must Have

No garment or basic design can be curated without scissors. Scissors are one among the many crucial designer tools. It is a common belief that a particular pair of scissors is used by the designers in order to create a full dress from fabric clothing material. This is a false belief. A designer has to use various different scissors in order to accomplish various tasks at each stage of cutting out, sketching material and making a garment.

Additionally, in order to cut linen or silk clothing material, many designers prefer using light weight scissors. Whereas shear scissors are used as an equipment to cut heavy materials. Lastly, card scissors are used in the case of cutting out cardboard to make card base for sewing. These are a few among the heaviest pair of scissors.

Sewing Machine

Fashion Designing Tools: Basic Must Have

A fashion designer’s tools and equipment kit is not complete without a sewing machine. Back in the day, women practiced stitching at home with the use of a big heavy sewing machine made of iron. But as fashion evolved, the time strain on designers reduced. That is when the small sewing machines for beginners were introduced , which made it easy to carry as well as use and eased out the work process.

It is recommended for fashion designers to use a sturdy metal base sewing machine instead of a plastic one because it is more reliable, crurates beautiful patterns, and is easier for beginners to handle making it also easier to learn.

Tailor’s chalk

As funny as it sounds, tailor’s chalk does wonders for designers that other tools and equipment are not capable of. Often, every designer has a stock as it is easily lost which is also the reason it will always be on the critical shopping list of a designer. It mostly comes complimentary with a tape measure.

When one has to cut out clothing material, the tape measure, grading ruler or set square can be used to measure the length and width. These measurements are marked using a tailor’s chalk. It not only helps in creating the perfect outfit but also can be relied upon for making adjustments and alterations.

Adjustable dressmaker

There are numerous dress forms that are used by designers to check the fitting of the clothes. Adjustable and stick size are the most used ones. Dressmaker dummies provide fashion designers the freedom to make dresses and outfits in any size, shape, and length possible.

The dressmaker is the perfect way to determine how the dress would appear in real life as sometimes the dress may seem excellent at a glance but wouldn’t look good on a real person. Adjustable dressmaker dummies are a unique way of saving time, cost, and energy put by designers in making alterations and adjusting sizes for the person wearing the dress.

Needles and threads

Fashion Designing Tools: Basic Must Have

A fashion designer cannot complete his tool kit without needles and threads. They cannot be replaced by sewing machines aS they are perfect for making last-minute changes and altering urgent size fittings. Fashion designers carry numerous sets of various shapes and sizes if they have assisted needles to match every requirement and fashion emergency.

Fashion designing is not a cake walk. It may seem like one from the outside, but it isn’t so from the inside. Every fashion designer must carry all the tools mentioned above with himself or herself at all times. An artistic flair is necessary for every designer to showcase his talent appropriately. These designer tools will help fashion talents to stay on their toes always as well as creative skills as and when required. Therefore, carrying the appropriate equipment can help any designer to do the job more efficiently.

Fashion Designing Tools: Basic Must Have