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Fashion styling career opportunities fashion styling career opportunities - Thumbnail Image - Fashion styling career opportunities

Fashion styling career opportunities are many! Fashion styling is the art of combining various fashion and lifestyle products to create looks that are innovative, aesthetically pleasing and which matches with the personality of the client as well as the occasion that they are attending. While there is no definite fixed outlines in its career opportunities, the popular career in fashion styling are as follows:

Fashion styling career opportunities fashion styling career opportunities - Styling 1 - Fashion styling career opportunities

Fashion styling provides various career opportunities

Personal styling

involves creating a certain ‘image’ of a client that matches with their personality, their profession and the way they carry themselves. Personal styling can include deciding hairstyles, personal grooming routines, skincare and makeup routine, clothing style as well as etiquette and self esteem development. Personal styling is also known as Image Consulting, Personal Shopping and Celebrity Styling.

Editorial styling

involves doing photoshoots for print, digital or any other new mediums of publication. This also involves choosing and selecting images that are deciphered as trends, or to be used in various subsequent fields such as fashion journalism.

Wardrobe styling

In it, the fashion stylist works on creating a ‘wardrobe’ for movie or film styling, TV series, drama, theatre, plays or any other form of entertainment outlets. Fashion stylists create styling for actors or actresses, musicians, dancers, TV personalities or any other related individuals. This form of styling is also known as show styling.

Commercial styling

Involves the creation of looks of models or figures in commercial shoots such as photoshoot for fashion and lifestyle products or any other commercial enterprise. In it, the stylist can choose the models, photographers, crew as well as the location based on the nature of the project.

Catalogue styling

In catalogue styling, fashion stylists work with designers or artists to create catalogue for their product presentation and display. This is created for the purpose of merchandise and retail as is also known as merchandise styling.

Corporate styling

Fashion styling career opportunities also include corporate styling. It is concerned with the creation of styles for various corporate offices or establishments to represent the identity and brand of the organisation. This includes coming up with uniform styles or any other dressing codes.

Show styling

involves creating styling looks for various events such as fashion shows, public events, press conferences, weddings and various other social parties. Based on the project, the fashions stylist has the ability to select the models, venue and the photographer.

Fashion styling career opportunities  fashion styling career opportunities - Styling 2 - Fashion styling career opportunities

Fashion styling

Fashion styling career opportunities are vast within the realm of the fashion industry. However as fashion is something that is too limited to the fashion industry, but a practice that even human practices, fashion styling holds scope in various industries that require the sensitivity to the presentation of clothing. Requiring skill in creative and innovative creation of looks, fashion stylists need an understanding of the type of styling that they are doing as well as the purpose and the client body type and personal aesthetics. JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Bengaluru’s fashion styling course develops students to develop their own fashion styling identity and helps them build their career through various industry exposure activities that enable them to become creative and successful fashion stylists.

Fashion styling career opportunities