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The makeup industry is a highly competitive one. So, how do you stand out in the crowd? Of course, by having something more to offer your clients. If you aspire to build a successful career in the makeup industry, you must understand why hairstyling for makeup artists is essential.

Like any other profession, being an outstanding makeup artist needs more diverse skills and knowledge to expand your career. For makeup artists hair styling is an added skill that can help them increase their preference in the market. After all, makeup and hairstyle are two aspects that complete a person’s overall appearance.

This article will help you learn about the many benefits of acquiring hair stylist skills to build your career as an always-in-demand makeup and hairstyle artist. Let’s dive in a little deeper!

Importance of Hair Styling

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To understand the importance of hair styling, you need to know how it gives you an edge over your competitors. There are many advantages to learning about hairstyle makeup and other grooming techniques.

Witness more growth in your career

There are many makeup artists out there who are flawless in their art. However, you have to learn more if you want people to hire you. Learning hairstyling skills will increase the credibility of your art and help you acquire more clients quickly.

When you gain experience as a hairstyle makeup artist, you get better pay packages. You can even try and get into the film or fashion industry and work for big names for movies and fashion shoots.

Enjoy increased market preference

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Completing hairstyling for makeup artists course can make you a favorited among clients, especially brides-to-be. In the overwhelming mood, most brides and their families prefer hiring someone skilled in hairstyling and makeup rather than hiring different professionals.

Hence, they are most likely to hire you if you offer a two-in-one service for their special day. It will save their precious time, as they no longer need to go for trials twice, once for makeup and again for hairstyle. Moreover, offering complete packages for weddings and other special occasions can get you more clients and referrals.

Read more about how a hairstylist can be a makeup artist and vice versa here.

Increased revenue

Now that you understand why people would prefer you if you provide both hairstyling and makeup services, you should use them to your advantage. Sell your services for the money they are worth.

When you offer more services, you will certainly get paid more. Your combined skills in hairstyling and makeup will fetch you higher compensation and enhance your financial standing and reputation as a complete makeover service provider.

Important Hairstyling Skills and Tools You Need to Know About

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A hairstylist is distinct from a hairdresser, and you should not confuse both. While a hairdresser is mainly responsible for washing, cutting, trimming, and coloring the client’s hair, qualified hairstylists use their skills to style their hair according to their needs and requirement. There are several skills, techniques, and hair styling tools that you must learn to master this art.

As you discover different hairstyles, you will learn about different heat tools and hairbrushes you will need to achieve them. Some hairstyles require more volume, some need curls or waves, while some need sleek and straight hair. You can acquire all these textures with the right use of styling tools. You will also have to learn different hairstyling techniques like braiding and pinning, especially for elaborate up-dos and buns.

There are different hairstyling tools that you can easily find in makeup and beauty supply stores nearby at low prices. It is better to prepare your kit and start precising basic hairstyling techniques. Some essential hairstyling tools that you should have in your kit include

  • Curling irons,
  • Flat irons,
  • Pick combs and round brushes
  • Blow dryers,
  • Hair rollers,
  • Hairspray,
  • Hairpins and invisible hair ties
  • Hair smoothening serum
  • Heat protection serum

As you gain experience, you can invest in more advanced tools to achieve much-refined hairstyles for your clients.

Apart from learning about these tools, you should also have some essential skills to become a successful hairstylist.

  • Creativity: You need to have a creative vision and always try to evolve the hairstyles you do for your clients. Even if you are required to copy a hairstyle if your client demands, you will still need to be creative about making it unique and suitable for them.
  • Communication: Good communication is also an essential skill for a good stylist. You should be attentive to your client’s needs and try to understand their requirement to deliver to their expectations.
  • Physical Strength: Being a hairstylist demands long hours of standing and good vision. Moreover, you should also be able to manage small objects while styling.
  • Time management: You should be able to prioritise your work if you wish to deliver equally to all your clients. Clients always prefer professionals who are prompt in their services.

Importance of Hairstyling Certification

While you may feel that practicing hairstyles on yourself and your friends are enough to start providing professional services, it is not. Although self-practise does help you improve your skills, you still need a professional hair styling certification to work as a hairstylist. Even if you have experience, there has to be a foundation for your skills. How will your employer or clients know what you are capable of? People will not take just your words to rely on your service.

Having an accreditation of your hair style skills along with makeup techniques can help you increase your chances of employment and make you a very competitive candidate in the industry. You can learn makeup methods and practices in your makeup training, but getting a certificate in hairstyling will make you a well-rounded professional. All the more reason to get certified as a professional hairstylist and makeup artist.

Wrapping Up

So now we know why hairstyling for makeup artists is so important. Having mastery in both hairstyles and makeup will make you the foremost choice of clients and open an avenue of work opportunities for you. You can choose to be a complete bridal makeover expert with mastery in makeup techniques and hairstyling. In no time, you will be a favorite’s among your clients by offering multifaceted services. You may also try and venture into the film and fashion industry which demands multi-talented individuals who can thrive in such a competitive environment.

Want to know more about how to learn hairstyling? You can enroll in the excellent Diploma in Makeup and Hairstyle Artistry courses offered by the JD Institute for Fashion Technology. These advanced courses prepare you for a successful career in the makeup industry and equip you with the skills to curate new and unique looks for your clients.