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Hand cream: Everything you need to know about skincare of your hands

Hand cream is the most underrated product on the skincare shelves. With most Skincare routines today, the focus is usually on the face while the hands are usually forgotten about.  We must remember that each time we wash our hands, they lose moisture, become dry and dehydrated.

We tend to moisturise your face, neck and the rest of the body but forget about our hands that face aggressors like hand soap, dish washing soap, alcohol-based sanitizer etc.

In our current pandemic lifestyle, washing hands and sanitizing have become a norm. But how often do you wash your hands and sanitise them, leaving your hands dry. Applying a creamy and rich hand cream might just work wonders for your hand skin. It is always important to apply hand creams with fatty acids and oil ingredients.Hand cream: Everything you need to know about skincare of your hands

Here’s why investing in a good hand cream is the absolute need of the hour.


It is always advisable to use creams that are enriched with Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid as the skin at the backs of your hands are then on your palms. That’s why they are prone to dryness.


Hands are exposed to bacteria and germs, especially invisible ones. With excess use of sanitiser may damage the sensitive skin. It is highly recommended to opt for a sanitiser that can serve as a hydration and protection against germs.

Combat Ageing:

When it comes to ageing, makeup can do a pretty good job at hiding it. But your hands can give away the truth when it comes to the matter of ageing. We usually neglect our hands when it comes to skin care. Using hand cream boosts moisture levels and elasticity. It also combats dehydration and premature wrinkling.

Therapy in a tube:

When it comes to work, our hands are exposed to so much stress we don’t even realise on a daily basis. Applying an aromatic hand cream can prove to be a therapeutic experience after a nice and gentle massage. The hand cream can relax your nerves and alleviate anxiety. Hand cream: Everything you need to know about skincare of your hands

Happy Cuticles:

Applying hand cream can ensure your nails and cuticles are nourished. Due to excessive hand wash our cuticles tend to get dry and flaky which causes bacterial infections.

How to apply hand cream the right way? 

Just squeeze some hand cream on the back of your hand and rub the back of your hand against it. It is usually the top of your hands that dries up faster as the skin is thin and has no oil glands in that particular area. Uv rays are also usually more harsh on the top of your hands than the palms.

Hand cream: Everything you need to know about skincare of your hands