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Foundation, as we already know, is the base to our makeup. It helps cover any pigmentation, blemishes or scars helping achieve a perfect base for our skills to be showcased. But sometimes, it is hard to perfect the foundation. As we apply the foundation, little at a time, it can very quickly go the wrong way if the buildup is too much. Similarly, if your face is not prepped with the right products, your foundation may not apply as smoothly as you like and may end up looking cakey or flakey. Leaving the makeup looking unpleasant.FOUNDATION: HOW TO PERFECT IT?  foundation - FOUNDATION HOW TO PERFECT IT 4 - FOUNDATION: HOW TO PERFECT IT? 

Here are some ‘Tricks and Tips’ to achieving a perfect foundation base everytime:

1. Choosing The Right Shade: This pint goes without saying. Of course if you don’t use the right shade, the facial skin and the rest of the body may not match leaving the entire makeup looking out of place. So, it is crucial to find the right shade that matches your skin tone.

Trick: In order to find the right shade of foundation, make sure that the shade that is being picked out is tried on your neck before purchasing. The closest shade that matches the skin on your neck is the perfect shade for you.

Tip: If you are unable to find the shade that matches your skin tone, you can create the shade by choosing a shade darker and a shade lighter than your skin tone and mixing the two together until the mixture matches the skin tone.FOUNDATION: HOW TO PERFECT IT? foundation - FOUNDATION HOW TO PERFECT IT 2 - FOUNDATION: HOW TO PERFECT IT? 

2. Prepping With The Right Products: Though all of us are not blessed with perfect and spotless skin, there are ways of making sure that your foundation applies smoothly. All you require is the right pre-makeup skincare products. No one applies foundation without prepping the skin, apart from that, it is important to prep your skin with the right moisturizer or serum that suits your skin type. If you have oily skin, you need to choose a moisturizer that helps control the oil excretion on the skin so the foundation doesn’t melt off.

Trick: In order to choose the right products to prep your skin, you need to understand your skin’s requirements. For which, take a piece of cloth and dip it in water, and gently wet your skin. Once the water is dried off of your skin, touch the skin. If the skin feels soft and smooth, then you have oily skin which means the moisturizer that you use should not contain petroleum, mineral oils or essential oils. In case your skin feels dry and rough, it indicates that you have dry skin, which means the moisturizer that you use should have essential oils in them so it can keep the skin hydrated while the makeup is on.

Tip: When it comes to serums, make sure to check the ingredients, as serums usually contain essential oils. Whereas, if you are on the lookout for moisturizers then make sure the water content in the moisturizer is more than 60 percent as it helps keep the face hydrated throughout the day. 

3. Foundation Applicators: There are various options when it comes to applying for a foundation. We have brushes, sponges, and sometimes when using your fingers. But at the end of the day, it depends on the individual on what they are comfortable with.

Trick: To know which applicator is comfortable for you, it is best to try them on your hands first. For example, add a bit of foundation on the back of your hands, and use the different applicators to blend the foundation out to see which applicator feels smoother and easier for you to use.

Tip: It is crucial to make sure that whichever applicator you choose to use to apply the foundation is well maintained and cleansed after every use. If the applicator is not clean it will not only be the root cause for acne and other skin issues but also will not be effective when using it.FOUNDATION: HOW TO PERFECT IT?  foundation - FOUNDATION HOW TO PERFECT IT 3 - FOUNDATION: HOW TO PERFECT IT? 

4. Applying The Foundation: Every brand uses different formulas to create their foundation and that’s what makes it unique. Similarly, the foundation can be either heavy or light depending on the formula. Some foundations can also have a glossy finish whereas some have matte finish. It all comes down to what suits your skin type and makes you confident when wearing it.

Trick: Whether the foundation is light or heavy the best way to apply it is to take some of the foundation on the back of your hand, and dip your applicator (if a beauty blender, make sure that it is damp to have the smoothest application) in the foundation and gently blend it across your face. Keep repeating this until you are happy with your coverage.

Tip: Do not add the foundation directly onto your facial skin as it can become too much leaving your face too cakey. If using a brush to apply your foundation, blend the foundation by moving your brush in a circular motion and not sliding it horizontally or vertically across the face.

Foundation isn’t all that difficult to perfect, but requires a lot of practice until you find the right method and product for your skin. There are various ways to find the right shade and numerous brands have over 13 shades. So choose your foundation wisely and apply it smoothly.