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Highlighter Hacks: Top 6 highlighter - Highlighter Hacks Top 6 Thumbnail - Highlighter Hacks: Top 6

Highlighter, a makeup product every girl will have in her collection regardless of whether she is new to it or not.  It can take a simple natural look to a blinding Goddess look that will keep all eyes fixated on you. It is a great addition to your everyday look as well. Additionally, a highlighter can be used with different makeup products to accentuate your complete you entire look and highlight more than just your cheekbones. Here are 6 ways or tips on how you can do that:

1. DIY Dewy MakeupHighlighter Hacks: Top 6 highlighter - Highlighter Hacks Top 6 1 - Highlighter Hacks: Top 6

Foundation comes with different finishes, such as matte, glossy and stain. The most commonly used foundation is the one with a matte finish because of their long-lasting property. But, it’s always nice to have a change once in a while, and that’s where highlighter comes in place. A dewy face makeup that gives a natural yet glowing finish is the perfect alternative to the matte finish. Dewy face makeup helps make the skin look healthy and radiant. To achieve this dewy look, you need to use a liquid highlighter. Mix  a tiny amount of highlighter with the foundation and apply it all over the face to add a hint of luminance. Adding more highlighter to the mixture will create a glass-skin effect. If you are leaning more towards the ‘no-makeupmakeup look, the hack is to add a bit of your liquid highlighter to the primer which will fill in the pores and give a radiant glow to your complexion. If certain parts of your face look too dewy, use a setting powder and apply it to strategic areas and leave the other parts glowy.

2. Plump And ShineHighlighter Hacks: Top 6 highlighter - Highlighter Hacks Top 6 2 - Highlighter Hacks: Top 6

After completing your lip makeup, you can use the highlighter, to add a bit of sparkle and shine to the lips. For this hack you need a powder highlighter, which needs to be applied on the centre of the lips. This will make the lip more glamorous and help the lip look more fuller as that light reflects off it.

3. Sparkling EyelinerHighlighter Hacks: Top 6 highlighter - Highlighter Hacks Top 6 5 - Highlighter Hacks: Top 6

Eyeliner gives a definition to the eyes, and can never be over done. Adding a bit of sparkle that enhances the eyes, has never gotten easier. Once the eyeshadow and liner are in place, go over your crease or eyeliner using a highlighter to add that bit of oomph to your eyes. For this hack you need a liquid liner as it is easier to handle and give precise lines.To apply the highlighter you can use an old liner brush or an angled brush. Though this highlighter hack will not have the same intense impact as a glittery eyeliner, it is perfect for adding a touch of sparkle to your eyes without overdoing it.

4. Eyeshadow FinishHighlighter Hacks: Top 6 highlighter - Highlighter Hacks Top 6 4 - Highlighter Hacks: Top 6

Highlighters are great for using as eyeshadow toppers when you want to add a luminous glow to your eye makeup. This can be done using your fingers or an eyeshadow brush. Using the applicator, pick up the product and tap it onto the eyelid gently to add a reflective effect. To achieve a much lesser glimmer use a powder highlighter rather than the liquid highlighter.

5. Awaken The EyesHighlighter Hacks: Top 6 highlighter - Highlighter Hacks Top 6 3 - Highlighter Hacks: Top 6

This highlighter hack is the most used. Apply a soft champagne highlighter to the inner corner of your eyes to give the illusion of a bigger, brighter, and more awake eye. This highlighter tip is really simple but can make a huge difference. It will make you seem well-rested and fresh, even on days that haven’t been your best. Avoid using highlighters that are white-toned or too dark as they will look unnatural when applied near the eyes. To make sure the highlighter flatters your skin tone and undertone, use the Maybelline Virtual Try On tool to test out different Maybelline highlighters and pick one that complements you.

6. Shimmer The Body Highlighter Hacks: Top 6 highlighter - Highlighter Hacks Top 6 6 - Highlighter Hacks: Top 6

Don’t limit the highlighter to the face alone. You can even use it on your body to make it look healthier and glowing. To achieve that, take a few drops of baby oil and highlighter mix it together and massage it over your arms and legs. If your outfit highlights your shoulders and décolletage, this is a great highlighter hack to create the illusion of well-defined collarbones and a glistening, sun-kissed complexion.

Highlighter hacks mentioned above are just a few out of the many. There are various other ways to use a highlighter to enhance your makeup.

Highlighter Hacks: Top 6