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films on fashion

Fashion is all about creative arts and movies are a true embodiment of arts at its best. The swish of a dress or a flick of shoe on the silver screen is all it takes to express the actors joy or disdain. The fashion & movies co-exist and share the same creative space. The symbiotic relationship between the fashion world and films has thrived for centuries. The social events and the exclusive red-carpet events are the few select places that showcase haute couture. The demure Oscars to the outright wild outfits featured in Met Gala every year are two extremes of the fashion spectrum that showcases fashion beyond the silver screen.

The mysterious and elusive world of fashion has always lived just out of reach for the commoners. We get to watch behind-the-scenes for movies and watch an endless array of movie promotions that give little details ranging from the actor’s approach to the gossip that surrounds the movie. Well, there are a few movies that gave us a quick peek into this secretive world of fashion too. It is put in a chronological order, so you can have fun scheduling a movie marathon with your fashion peeps for a fun weekend that shows you the evolution of fashion from the 1950s to 2021. Whether it may be about a piece of fashion history or a scene that features the true essence of fashion, here is a list of 5 movies that exalts fashion on the silver screen.

Funny Face (1957)  Iconic fashion movies – A must watch for every fashionista!

The sleek perfection that Audrey Hepburn exudes in her style was created by her regular costumier Hubert de Givenchy. The exuberant costumes set against the opulence of Paris, the city of love, in the movie Funny Face was designed by legendary fashion designer Edith Head. The iconic sleek red exorbitant dress paired with the snug white gloves on Audrey Hepburn, it is going to sweep you off your feet. The exquisite Parisian set pieces and music that lifts your heart, what could be better than pure fashion portrayed on the silver screen? Be awed by the fashion that dressed the legendary Audrey Hepburn that brought her to stardom and made her a permanent fixture in the history of cinema. This is a must watch for every fashionista aspiring to make it big in the world of fashion. Sit back and enjoy this old-world fashion masterpiece for a joyous weekend that celebrates the true essence of fashion.

Who are you, Polly Maggo? (1966)Iconic fashion movies – A must watch for every fashionista!

Here is a movie from the exclusive repertoire of the glorious Swinging Sixties. Well, I’ll tell you why the 60s is known to be the Swinging Sixties and how it is significant for the world of fashion. The period between 1964-70 witnessed the rise of a youth-driven revolution that induced fresh and vivacious modernity into the world of fashion. Mini-skirts were one of the fresh waves of modernity that hit the streets during this period. The movie Polly Maggo is a satirical comedy about the trivialities and sprightliness of the fashion world. The movie has carved a niche in the movies and in the world of fashion for its iconic portrayal and comprehensive outlook of fashion during the revolutionary Swinging Sixties. You will love, laugh and be wonderstruck for you will watch the fashion make a pivotal turn in history to get where it is today. Makes for a great conversation with your fashion peeps and be inspired!

Pretty woman (1990) Iconic fashion movies – A must watch for every fashionista!

Another iconic hit that captured our hearts with the prettiest smiles and the sweeping red sweetheart neckline dress accessorised with diamonds is a true timeless classic for both the movie industry and the world of fashion. Watch Julia Roberts transform into a vision of perfection with refreshing modernity and stunning perfection. The light hearted yet heart wrenching romance is sure to win your heart over as Richard Gere awkwardly climbs up the rickety fire escape to profess his love to his lady. The glossy brown polka dotted dress with the spirited hat is one of my personal favorites. Fall in love with fashion, the smiles and unbridled romance that fills the movie.

Devil wears Prada (2006) Iconic fashion movies – A must watch for every fashionista!

The sinking feeling in your gut as Meryl Streep glowers at Anne Hathaway judging her for the lumpy blue sweater and loafers is not something you will want to experience IRL. The world of fashion comes to life with a vicious portrayal of Anna Wintour (Allegedly! Never confirmed) editor-in-chief of Vogue. Watch the fashion click that thrillingly captures Anne Hathaway portraying a writer who has no interest in Clankers (fashionistas!) become one herself as she grazes shoulders with the A-listers of the fashion industry. Look out for the green wool overcoat with leopard-print collar and cuffs paired with Kate Spade’s giraffe satchel bag and Giuseppe Zanotti pumps. That is my favourite ensemble. Watch the movie to be inspired to become a Clanker yourself or choose to be happy in the lumpy blue sweater. Cheers to your transformation!

Phantom Thread (2017) Iconic fashion movies – A must watch for every fashionista!

  The world of not just fashion but the exclusive Haute Couture. The film brilliantly captures the inner workings of the high society of fashion and the eerie nature of the obsessive gruelling pace of the fashion world. The Oscar nominated performance of Daniel Day-Lewis delivers an intoxicating and beautifully dark fairy tale that is sure to enrapture you in the hidden folds of film and fashion. The movie is again a must watch and is highly recommended to have a glimpse of the exclusive world of Haute Couture in fashion.