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“Like all great travelers, I have seen more than I remember and remember more than I have seen.” - Benjamin Disraeli. The above mentioned quote perfectly encompasses my feeling about JD Imagination Journey 2020 (Pre-Corona). Every place we treaded had a slice of Fashion and learning to it. I was able to not just have a visual experience of the beautiful destinations but they

The JD Imagination Journey provides a sense of adventure, new experiences and a window into international fashion, experienced through a carefully curated itinerary for the students across all the departments who take on the trip to one of the world’s fashion capitals – London. Apart from observing and taking in the sights of the beautiful destination the students undergo an intensive fashion styling

JD Institute of Fashion Technology’s “Imagination Journey” is a curated trip to take us out from our comfort zone and provide us with an international exposure which is detrimental to develop a wider mindset. Our first stop towards our creative journey was the city of love, romance and luxury shopping - Paris. The city has long been the muse for artists and creative people

JD IMAGINATION JOURNEY LONDON-PARIS September 2019     The JD Imagination Journey was a collective initiation for Fashion and Interior students of JD Institute of Fashion Technology, South in collaboration with London College of Fashion, Ual and Chelsea College of the Arts, Ual respectively. Apart from London, the itinerary also included the city of love, romance and fashion – Paris. The recent visit coincided with the autumn