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If you have spent most of your time designing 3D models of different rooms in a house, then it’s time to start your interior design admission process. 

Interior design has become a crucial aspect of our lives. From comfort to aesthetics, this vast field of design cover all our living requirements. Today, we can see the growing need for functional and sustainable spaces in the real estate industry. This means interior designers are becoming a necessity instead of a desire.  

So now you know why interior design is a good career path for design aspirants. 

If you’re creative, detail-oriented and absolutely love re-decorating your house often, then you’ve found your path. Interior design courses in Bangalore have become so popular that you have multiple options to choose from.  

However, it is important to research and find the best interior design course for you. Sweat not more, as we talk about the most suited interior design bachelor’s course. By the end of this blog, you will have a few tips to ace your admission process.  

Researching the Best Interior Design Programs in Bangalore  

At JD School of Design, our bachelor’s course in Interior Design and Decoration offers you hands-on experience in projects. We also guarantee an excellent curriculum and a pool of professionals to guide you along your journey. 

So, if you’re a fresher wanting to join this dynamic industry and have plenty of interior design ideas, then you know where to start. That’s the best thing about this course, there is no specific age, or a certain degree required for eligibility. Just follow the academic requirements, and you are in. 

Preparing for the Admission Process  

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Now comes the big part: Preparing for your admission process. Preparing for the interior design admission process gives you a higher chance of being accepted into the program.  

Fortunately, it’s not a very complicated process. In fact, preparing yourself boosts your self-confidence. So, grab a pen and paper as we shoot out a few tips on how to prepare for enrolment.  

1. Research the course 

If you’re a fresher, make sure you go through the course curriculum and interior design subjects provided by the design school. This is one of the most important steps you will need to take to ensure your interests match the school’s offers. 

2. Prepare a portfolio  

A strong interior design portfolio includes your best designs. It doesn’t matter if you are a fresher; you can start by creating demo designs. While this might not be a requirement for admissions, it could give you a boost of confidence. 

As a result, we highly recommend working on building a strong portfolio which could also help in your professional future. 

3. Practice your communication skills  

You might be wondering why communication skills are required in the field of interior design. Communication plays a crucial role in presenting your ideas to your potential clients. Furthermore, it becomes extremely vital to be able to communicate your design idea.  

There will be a communication screening process while enrolling, so consider building your presentation skills. 

4. Prepare for the IQ and EQ screenings  

Along with communication, your IQ and EQ skills will be put to the test. But you don’t have to worry about these screenings. If you have a deep passion for design, then presenting and talking about it will be a breeze.  

Additionally, your IQ and EQ tests determine your role as a student at JD.   

5. Meet deadlines  

Finally, ensure you meet all the application deadlines timely. Any sort of delay might lead to an issue in your admission process. To avoid this, consider keeping track of D-Day on the calendar.  

By keeping these few but essential tips in mind, you are well on your way to enrolling into your dream school of design.  

Common Requirements for the Admission Process at JD School of Design 

Here are some of the requirements for seeking admission to the interior design and decoration course at JD School of Design. 

  • You don’t need to have a specific degree to start your journey. However, you need to have a passing certificate in 10th and 12th grade from a renowned institute. 
  • Remember to keep up with the interior design trends 2023 list. It keeps changing with time, so ensure you adapt and stay current. 
  • Finally, you must have a strong passion towards interior design and commit to this 3-year long degree. 

Tips to Ace Your Admission Process  

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We all get sweaty palms when the destination is closer. In this context, you might be nervous about the fast-approaching date of your application day. It’s alright to be nervous, although, with the tips on preparing for this admission process, you might feel a bit more relaxed.  

If that’s not the case, then here are a few more recommendations to ace your application process. 

  • Demonstrate your creativity through your portfolio. 
  • Showcase your passion for interior design during the screenings. 
  • Explore interior design software and enhance your skills in them. 
  • Finally, be confident. You got this! 


Interior Design Admission Process Tips and Insights (3)The interior design admission process might intimidate you, but it is not necessarily terrifying of any sort. By following the above tips and keeping them in mind, you can create a much more seamless admission process for yourself. 

Remember, while choosing the best design school is important, choosing the right one for you is even more crucial. So, take your time evaluating the course curriculum and faculties before seeking admission to an interior design course. 

No matter if you are a fresher, or new to this vast design industry, at JD School of Design, we prioritise helping students become their best selves. So, get on board and join our JD family with this course in Interior Design and Decoration. See you there!