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Interior design – Student essentials

Getting ready to join the world of Interior design? Colleges are opening and you need to be prepared when you have to step out and be the designer that you always wanted to be.  Well, as a first part of the prep, you can take a look at the essentials you will need to ace the classes.

Here are 10 essentials to prepare yourself to step into the interior design world. This should help you figure out how your life as an interior designer is going to be like. Those hands are going to create designs that are going to adorn homes, office spaces and public spaces. Here is a reality check of how your work is going to be like and the tools and tricks that you would need to pick up along the way!Interior design – Student essentials

1. Laptop

This is obvious yes for an interior design student in college. However, you will be using CAD programs, possibly Photoshop, InDesign and illustrator. So, you are going to want a laptop to help you learn to create those fabulous designs. The laptop will be your key to open up the divinely crafted doors of the interior design industry.

Interior design – Student essentials

2. CAD Software

The software is not as intimidating as it sounds. It is a tool that helps in communicating your ideas to clients and vendors alike. CAD software acts as a universal language of communication that clients, vendors and designers can all understand. It helps you and the clients visualize the design and perspective of how the end result might look like when delivered. Technical drawings and plans adhering to building codes and rules are drafted via the professional software.

3. Paper

Yes, it is such an obvious thing that is needed, however, there are several types of paper that an interior design student requires. One is Vellum or Tracing paper, you will be using a lot of it, it is especially helpful when marking up a floor plan. 

Lastly, marker paper because this paper can bring out the true tones of the markers as well as handle the bleeding through the back issue. These are for when you hand drafting your floor plans or sketching out perspective rooms.

Interior design – Student essentials

4. Drawing pencils 

You need to grab a range of pencils for Interior design essentials. Try to stay away from any Bs, they tend to be too soft. Go for mInterior design – Student essentialsore of the H, HB, 2H, 4H, and 6H pencils. Mechanical Pencils are a good option too.

5. T-Square 

A T-Square is a must, especially if you’re a professional quibbler. This is also used for drafting and sketching. So, ensure to pack one of these as a part of your student essentials before heading out to conquer the world of interior designing.

6. Architectural Scale

An architectural scale is a must. It is used for drafting and scaling drawings. Don’t get it confused with an engineering scale. They look the same but are not the same. Ensure to buy the architectural scale for your essentials as an interior designing student.

Interior design – Student essentials

7. Markers

Markers are for manual rendering your floor plans and for room perspectives. Another alternative is watercolour but hold off on investing in a good set of colours, you can wait for the courses to begin and you get a feel of what you might need. Because designing is a course that is as personal as it gets. I recommend grabbing a grey kit or a set that carries a few warm and cool greys.

Interior design – Student essentials

8. Artist/Painters Tape 

Artist tape or you could also use painters’ tape. The tape is used to tape your paper down when drafting. When removed it doesn’t rip up the paper. So, that will save your precious designs and leave them intact, for when present it or pack them up otherwise. The tape is the gentle touch your artist hands and your designs need.

9. Furniture Templates 

Furniture templates are not really needed the minute you step into the interior design world, but are extremely helpful when on a time crunch. There are 1/4” and 1/8” scale templates available that you can check out if you are too excited about your time as an interior designer to begin already.

Interior design – Student essentials

10. Colour and Shade book 

Colours, Colours and more colours. You need the entire colour palette with you when working on a project and quickly give a little peak to the client and not struggle to describe a shade of turquoise. The shade cards help you with quick access to colours and shades, enabling you to quickly ruffle through the book to get to the exact shade that you might need.

Hope that wasn’t a lot. Well depending on your choice of college, and course, you will probably require something different but at least you will have the basics to successfully start off as an interior design student.

If you want to be a part of the interior industry, you have the choice of a range of Interior Design courses in a college that ticks all your little boxes. Check the entry requirements, give them a call or walk-in and discuss your options.