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Fashion design essentials – As a student

Fashion design essentials as a student for your time as a fabulous fashionista starts right here and now. Well, let’s start with a shower of confetti for congratulations on making it into the fashion world. But before you step into the course, you’ll no doubt receive a letter suggesting equipment and books that you might need to buy for the course.Fashion design essentials – As a student

But, too excited to keep still? Here are 15 tips to prepare yourself to step into the fashion world. This should add a good dose of zen into your system and help you get the reins back into your splendidly creative hands that are going to create magic that’s going to glide on the sparkling red carpets. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy this guide and pick up a few tips and tricks along the way!

1. Paper Scissors 

Your new best friend in the fashion world is a pair of paper scissors. You are not going to cut lengths of velvets and silks. You are going to slice through more paper than fabric. So, buy a pair and keep them in your art materials box rather than your sewing box so you don’t mix them up.

2. Fabric Scissors 

Another best friend in your fashion world, invest in a handsome pair of fabric scissors, but that doesn’t necessarily mean an expensive pair. If you like the feel of it in your hands and you are able to hold it comfortably and use it. Rule of thumb: Never ever cut your paper with fabric scissors

3. Small sewing scissors 

The little strays on your marvellous design and smooth fabric are a big no. A pair of small sewing scissors will trim all your threads and fiddly bits. So, it is essential that you keep a pair of the small sewing scissors in your sewing box. Oops. I haven’t told you what a sewing box is. Let’s see.Fashion design essentials – As a student

4. A Sewing box 

This is going to be a part of your fashion design life for a long time to come. So, let’s make it easy and just buy two, a cheap large plastic one for all your non-essential and spare items, such as threads and spare scissors, etc and buy a smaller one that you can easily take to your college and fill it with all your essential items. Make sure you keep both your boxes organised. Untangling threads and tape measures when you need to be sewing is never fun.

5. Pinking shears

These are used to keep your fabric samples nice and neat around the edges. In all honesty you’ll probably use these more for presenting your illustration work, etc. Not essential sewing equipment, but very useful to have. Put these in your big sewing box.

6. Stitch Unpicker

Buy a lot of unpickers. Although you’ll hate using them, they will save you a lot of time. They always mysteriously disappear. Buy in bulk, always keep two in your college sewing box and a couple in your big sewing boxFashion design essentials – As a student

7. Tape measure 

Buy a tape measure, the one true essential as a Fashionista. Don’t bother buying the fancy ones that wind themselves up, they break within two days and it’s really disappointing when that happens. Buy one that you will be able to use without having to fear losing money to measure.

8. Tailor’s chalk

Fabric marker pens or pencils look and feel very fancy to use but it’s quite unfortunate that either don’t work or stain. Invest in some old-fashioned tailors chalk, it works a lot better and is better value for money. Always remember to use it on the wrong side of the fabric, never on the right side.Fashion design essentials – As a student

9. Threads

When you start off it’s best to buy a basic set of colours; then as you work your way through college buy specific threads as you need them and add them to your collection. Buy a couple of black, white and cream threads to ensure you have them when you need them as they are the colours you are most likely to use, especially in your first year. Shop around online and you’re likely to find special deals on buying boxes of different threads. Also buy a thread box or a spool organiser, so they don’t get messy.

10. Hand Needles 

Buy two packets of hand needles. Pop one in each box. Also, to study machine knitting at your college, it is worth buying the hand needle.Fashion design essentials – As a student

11. Pins

Buy a couple of boxes of pins, as they disappear very quickly! Here’s a pro tip for you: buy a magnet so you can clean them up easily if you knock them over. So, you don’t find yourself screaming and hopping in pain when accidentally stepping on a needle.Fashion design essentials – As a student

12.  Pattern Paper 

Buy a roll of pattern paper and medium weight calico, as you will use so much of it, and buying in bulk will save you a fortune. As for interfacing – if you’re going to buy a roll, I would advise medium weight. However, this may be worth buying as you go as you need different weights for different parts of clothing.Fashion design essentials – As a student

13.  Fabric 

Of course you will move on from paper to fabric and you will need all the fabric you can get your hands on. But again, do not rush out to get the pieces. Hold your horses! One week in and you will know what you will need for becoming a pro fashionista!

14. Trims 

The teensy little buttons and zippers will be the cutest little additions to your sewing box. The little trims add so much more to your end product and are essential for your design. Pick up those cute little additions when you need them. Add it to your sewing boxes.Fashion design essentials – As a student

15. Art Materials 

Do not rush out and buy lots of different art materials. Spending lots of money on art equipment in the first year is not necessary. You will eventually figure out what medium you want to use to illustrate your work. So, find your media and then invest in the one that you like. As for the sketchbooks, you’ve got to be rough with them. So, don’t go after the expensive fancy looking sketchbooks.

After reading this rather long list, you’re probably freaking out over how you’re going to afford it all. The best advice I can give is: buy a little at a time. But if you make sure you take care of all your equipment, it will definitely last you through college and beyond!

That’s all the fashion design essentials you need to list down as a student. If you want to be a part of this classy industry, you have the choice of a range of Fashion Designing and Fashion communication courses in a college that ticks all your little boxes. Check the entry requirements, give them a call or walk-in and discuss your options. Visit us online at best fashion designing institute to know more.