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Artsy Nest is the brainchild of Ms. Akshita Patel Chadda, whose organization is the exclusive distributor and stockist of Annie Sloan in India. The concept of Artsy Nest revolves around refurbishing furniture to create DIY (Do It Yourself) unique pieces and paint any surface. The Annie Sloan range of chalk paints does not need priming or sanding. One has to open the colour tin, dip their brush and apply the paint to the furniture, product, wall or any other surface. In order to get acquainted with this concept, JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore organized an exclusive event for the Interior Design course students on 25th September 2019 with Ms. Akshita Patel Chadda.

INTERIOR DESIGN STUDENTS 11The session commenced with Ms. Akshita giving the students an insight into the range of Annie Sloan colours, the idea that led to the creation of the range and the colour card that showcases an array of beautiful subtle English colours. The Annie Sloan range also allows one to customize colours. Not only does the range let you colour by yourself, its range of waxes further enhances the coloured surfaces.

Ms. Akshita demonstrated four different textures created by two different paint brushes with 4 different techniques on the plain plank. The carved plank was painted with two different brushes with two different techniques. She also demonstrated the ombre effect on the wooden stool wherein she then asked volunteers to try the effect.

INTERIOR DESIGN STUDENTS 10 Unlike conventional paints wherein the colour needs to be mixed with water, surfaces need to be stripped before applying new paint. The Annie Sloan range of colours does not require any of these steps unless the surface is not smooth. The range was created by Annie Sloan to accommodate her busy lifestyle wherein application, drying and waxing can be done in one day. This method is feasible unlike conventional painting that requires close to a week for drying, application and waxing a product.

The range is sustainable as it does not require much water and is made of natural elements mainly limestone. The other advantages include, quick drying, odourless, non-toxic, baby friendly etc.

INTERIOR DESIGN STUDENTS 7Ms. Akshita concluded the session by showing a presentation of some of her work and also informed them about the artsy community wherein like-minded design enthusiasts can work together.

Overall the students were able to gain a new insight, learn an easy way to paint, learnt new painting techniques along with brand awareness.