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JD Got Talent Brings The Best Of Jediiians Talent

Apart from the tension of exams (where a few of us are bestowed with an amazing capacity of imbibing knowledge) and the deadlines, college fests unite us and we received the grand show of it with JD Got Talent 2022. A significant part of the Jediiian Fest 2022, the cultural event of the JD Institute met with immense zeal and fun moments that cannot be captured in words.

JD Got Talent started on a good note with the lamp lighting ceremony where the significant part of the institute: Ms Sandra Agnes d’Souza, Ms Anusha K, Mr Pramod Adhikari, Mr Kishore Ramchandra and Mr Chandrashekhar, lit up the lamp and marked the beginning of the grand celebration.

Bubbling energy and a bunch of talent is the trademark of any cultural event and we witnessed it in abundance during the JD Got Talent. Solo dance as well as group dance was performed for the excited, appreciative and encouraging audience, who gave a huge cheer and waited for the box of talent to exude zeal.

As the show started, we saw the students of JD Institute taking the command and performing the best on the stage. The various activities that took place were Group Dance, Solo Dance, Duet Dance, Group Singing, Duet Singing, Solo Singing, Mono Act, Footloose, and One mInute Talent. In each of the sections, students excelled and mesmerized the enthusiastic audience. JD Got Talent Brings The Best Of Jediiians Talent

In mono act we witnessed some power packed performances while in other solo performances we saw how a one man army can lead if given the right direction. Moreover, in group activities, Jediiians expressed the spirit of solidarity and utilizing and leveraging on the forte of each other, collaborating to cheer up the audience. JD Got Talent Brings The Best Of Jediiians Talent

JD Got Talent Brings The Best Of Jediiians TalentAs it is said that to hone the gem you need the right hands, our mentors were there to deliver the same energy. While the students were busy with their hustle-bustle, faculty members took the responsibility to showcase their talents to the attendees of JD Got Talent. Be it the best boxing, dancing or dancing to tune of latest songs, the mentors stole the show with their impromptu acts and received grand cheers for joining the fun and frolicking moments. JD Got Talent Brings The Best Of Jediiians Talent

JD Got Talent Brings The Best Of Jediiians TalentThe entire auditorium was filled up with merriment and cheers as different batches, students, staff and faculty members expressed their hearts out and enjoyed the day. The barrage of talent that got poured over was exciting and left everyone enchanted.

JD Institute of Fashion Technology excels in creating an amiable environment for the creative minds. In order to encourage the students who have enrolled in various fashion departments, a fashion show was organized that not only displayed the design sensibility but brought forward the importance of collaborations, knowledge of styling and smart work. It gave an idea of backstage shenanigans and exposed the students to the industry where they will step next.

JD Got Talent was organized by our Jediiians to celebrate the youthful spirit of the institute. The students who performed the best were awarded for their intense effort. In every category, winners and runner ups were chosen based on the skill set and the engagement their act drew. They were also accorded gold and silver medals, respectively.

To culminate the show, a small dance performance was organized. As the students started dancing to the tune of the latest songs, their fellow mates joined them on the stage and danced their hearts out. After the long gap of two years where we lost touch with the social world, JD Got Talent brought us back on our feet and helped us witness the power of unity.

JD Institute is a strong advocate for the dreamers who have a creative bent and work diligently to achieve their goals. Apart from giving a strong base through academics, JD understands the importance of cultural events that expose students to understand their strengths. Through JD Got Talent, a part of Jediiian Fest 2022, the institute aims for the best and apart from delivering a gala time to the Jediiians, also channelises their energy to curate a better world with their talent.

JD Got Talent Brings The Best Of Jediiians Talent