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Jeweler’s Loupe – How to select and use it?

Jeweler’s Loupe is a handy device that is used by professionals from the jewellery industry. Aspirants need to be well-versed with how to use the jeweler’s loupe effectively as they will only benefit from while scrutinizing the characteristics, cracks, chips, or other damage of precious stones and jewellery. Using a jeweler’s loupe is not difficult. There are some points that need to be kept in mind while selecting and using a loupe.

Jeweler’s Loupe – How to select and use it?

Triplet Loupe

How to select a jeweler’s loupe?

The first thing to look at is the magnification. Loupes can be found with 2x magnification up to 30x, or even more, magnification. It is best to use a 10x loupe which is used by the gem grading labs to grade diamonds. Less magnification will not showcase enough detail, whereas more magnification is bound to give unrealistic expectation.

The next thing to keep in mind is the number of lenses in a loupe. Inexpensive loupes tend to have single lens. These are suitable for casual use, but may face focus and clarity issues. A triplet loupe with three lenses presents correct magnification that shows clearest possible view and helps correct any colour issues that may be induced due to reflected light.

The jeweler’s loupe should have a black body as black cuts down on reflections and does not introduce any colour like a silver or gold loupe body may.

How to use a jeweler’s loupe?

Two of the biggest mistakes made by users is that they do not rest the jeweler’s loupe against something to steady their field of view and moving the loupe around. This makes it difficult to get a consistent and focused view.

The first thing to do is to open up the jeweler’s loupe and hold it up to eye level, it should not be held farther than an inch away from the eyes. Rest a finger or the back of the hand against your face to keep the loupe stable and relaxed.

The object can now be brought to the field of view. With many loupes you will need to bring the ring, or diamond, within an inch or two of the loupe. The loupe should not be moved around only the gemstone that is being viewed should be moved around by bringing it into view and focus needs to be paid on exactly what one wants to see.

A jeweler’s loupe is really simple to learn but may take many tries to master. Aspiring jewellery designers need to be aware of how to use the jeweler’s loupe, as this knowledge only helps one to not rely on anyone else especially when they are starting out. Learn about the various tools used in jewellery design by enrolling in the 3-years BSc. in Jewellery Design at one of the best jewellery design colleges in Cochin.

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Jeweler’s Loupe – How to select and use it?