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Jewellery can be protected from being tarnished

Jewellery if it is old is bound to get tarnished due to moisture and oxygen. There are plenty of ways to protect jewellery. Inorder to do so there are few factors that need to be taken into consideration like its type and make. Learning how to protect jewellery from tarnishing is vital as it will help budding designers understand the make and

The following are the steps to guarantee you don’t unintentionally ruin your jewellery or cause damage.

Keep metal jewellery separate

Separate the jewellery fine jewellery, costume jewellery and silver jewellery. This helps avert the metals from tarnishing when they touch one another.

Jewellery can be protected from being tarnished

Separate metal jewellery

Jewellery should be clean and dry

Before any sort of jewellery is stored, hence it should be kept clean and dry. Moisture can lead to the metal to tarnish much rapidly. Storing dirty jewellery for a long period can cause issues with untimely and extreme tarnishing. If tarnished and untarnished jewellery is kept together it can lead to both pieces to tarnish faster.

Jewellery can be protected from being tarnishedMaintain consistent temperature

Humidity is the main cause that speeds up the tarnishing process on jewellery. The humid climate tarnishes jewellery faster in the summer months. Hence, in the room that the jewellery is stored in, needs to be attested with air conditioner or dehumidifier and switched on. Silica Packets can also be placed in the jewelry box to absorb excess moisture.

A spot in the home should be identified with a consistent temperature. The steadier the temperature, the better. The jewellery boxes can be also placed inside an interior closet that is dark and cool.

Jewellery can be protected from being tarnished

Consistent temperature

Storage of delicate jewellery in a dark and dry location

Silver jewellery should be stored in a jewellery box lined with felt. The felt absorbs extra moisture and prevent it from tarnishing early. Larger pieces can be stored separately inside a felt pouch or covered in a silver polishing cloth to limit exposure to the air. Even with proper storage, silver jewellery does tend to tarnish, it should not be over polished or else it will cause damage.

Fine jewellery should be stored away from direct sunlight as it may lead to damage due to constant exposure to UV light.

Jewellery can be protected from being tarnished

Silver jewellery should be boxed

 Storage of costume jewellery

Costume jewellery can be stored for an extended period by following the method as storage for fine jewellery. Low humidity and consistent temperature are the factors for its extended life.

Jewellery can be protected from being tarnished

Costume Jewellery

Jewellery storage knowledge will be beneficial for aspiring jewellery designers to be careful and use the information to their optimum and learn ways to protect it from tarnishing. Learn all about how different type of jewellery and how to keep it protected inorder to prevent tarnishing in a comprehensive course – Diploma in Fine Jewellery Design from one of top jewellery designing colleges in Bangalore.

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Jewellery can be protected from being tarnished