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Jewellery – Why do we wear it? jewellery - Diamond ring - Jewellery – Why do we wear it?

Jewellery is a piece or pieces of accessory that are worn to elevate an outfit. However, it is not limited to just women, jewellery is also worn by men. This is not a phenomenon of the modern era, but men and women both were known to don it since the ancient times. The type and amount of jewellery worn determined the position of the wearer in the different rungs of the society. The earliest known jewellery can be traced to the Cro-Magnons who wore bracelets and necklaces made of bone, teeth and stone stitched with animal sinew. Ideally when someone speaks of jewellery our mind levitates towards gold, silver, diamonds, platinum or precious stones, however jewellery can be fashioned out of anything be it beads, shells, feathers etc.

Jewellery – Why do we wear it? jewellery - Shells with piercing - Jewellery – Why do we wear it?

Shells with piercing to allow threading – Image Source: donsmaps.com

In India, jewellery is usually purchased for festivals or special functions. Jewellery is also given as a gift to woo potential partners or as a sign to betrothal. Consumers are also veering towards fashion jewellery and costume jewellery which are available in a myriad of colours, shades, designs and patterns. Apart from occasion wear, women adorn dainty pieces of jewellery for their every day. Contrary to popular belief, apart from cuff links jewellery is worn on a daily basis by men as well. They flaunt their jewellery in the form of rings or chains.

Jewellery – Why do we wear it? jewellery - Diamond Jewellery - Jewellery – Why do we wear it?

Diamond jewellery – Image Source: Pexels.com

Jewellery is also used for spiritual purposes. For instance, certain stones are known to cast off the evil eye. Birthstones have gained prominence, as some feel a strong connection to certain stones associated with their birth months. Certain crystals and metals are also believed to provide some benefits to its users.

Jewellery – Why do we wear it? jewellery - Crystals - Jewellery – Why do we wear it?

Crystals – Image Source: Pexels.com

Jewellery has gone through a transformation since its inception, however it is an adornment that will continue to be a part of civilization. The need to decorate oneself or for the purpose of gifting or for various reasons like symbolism, spiritual etc. jewellery will be a constant across gender, class, religions and cultures. Inorder to understand the intricacies of Jewellery, an intensive course like the 1 year Diploma in Fine Jewellery Design will help aspirants get acquainted with the industry.

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Jewellery – Why do we wear it?