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Makeup Brushes: Must Haves!

Makeup brushes are a mandatory addition to every makeup bag. Although there are many alternatives that are being introduced in the market such as beauty blender, silicon blenders and so on, they still do not live up to the quality of application that the brushes provide to a finished look. By using makeup brushes, it not only makes the application a quick and easy process but also allows the product to apply smoothly and evenly on the skin creating a more flawless finish. A good and quality set of brushes, especially for a beginner, make the process of learning much easier, as it helps the enthusiast understand the texture of the product as well as the pigmentation. There are numerous different types of makeup brushes, therefore it is important to understand the use of every type in order to choose the best to add to a makeup collection. Here is a selection of important makeup brushes that are mandatory to add to the makeup collection for a beginner:

Foundation Brush:
Makeup Brushes: Must Haves!

Makeup Brushes: The most important brush that is a must-have is the foundation brush

Every makeup routine should begin off with an even base of the foundation. It can be quite a challenge to apply a liquid foundation accurately without the use of a proper brush. However, there are two types of foundation brushes that are available in the market, one of which is similar to a paintbrush and one of which has a flat top. However, finding original and good quality brushes are hard to find, but not impossible. A good foundation brush will have straight, flexible bristles that can be used to apply the foundation on the face. Foundation brushes come in various lengths which can be chosen as per personal preferences and comfort levels.

Stippling Brush:

Makeup Brushes: Must Haves!The stippling brush creates a flawless, airbrushed base with high definition results. It can be used to apply various makeup products such as foundation, blush, bronzer, powder, and highlighters. This brush is quite effective to apply liquid products. Good quality brushes come with duo-fibre bristles at the top of the brush that provide a light and gentle application that results in a very natural look.

Concealer brush: Makeup Brushes: Must Haves!

The next step post foundation is concealer which is used to cover any pigmentations and brighten up dull areas on the face. For the most precise concealer application, you’ll want to use a small concealer brush. A concealer brush visually looks similar to a smaller version of a foundation brush. It’s shaped like a paintbrush but is slightly denser.

Powder Brush:
Makeup Brushes: Must Haves!

Makeup brushes: The concealer brush helps apply the product perfectly without any wrinkle or crease

Post application of the base makeup, it is a must to use powder in order to set the makeup in place. The usage of a loose setting powder will help in keeping the makeup intact throughout the day giving an even and flawless look. Compared to the numerous makeup brushes that are available, a powder brush is very large and fluffy, as well as in a domed shape which helps in applying the powder onto the curves, depths and inner corners of the face.

Blush Brush:
Makeup Brushes: Must Haves!

Makeup brushes: The blush brush can also be used for various purposes such as powder, bronzer, etc.

It is absolutely crucial to keep in hand a blush brush when looking to create a gorgeous natural look when applying the blush. If the method of application is incorrect, it will result in an unnatural and uneven outcome. A good quality blush brush has similar visual appearances to a powder brush, except it is smaller in size in order to fit on the cheeks.

Eyeshadow Blending Brush:
Makeup Brushes: Must Haves!

Makeup Brushes: The eyeshadow blending brush is mandatory when looking to create a smokey eye look

The eyeshadow blending brush is the most versatile of all the eyeshadow brushes. An eyeshadow blending brush can be utilized in various different methods to create a flawless eye look.The eyeshadow blending brush can also be used to apply a highlight shade to the brow bone for a bit of glimmer.

Makeup brushes are the best choice for any beginner to understand the texture and blend of a makeup product into the skin. However, it is absolutely crucial to wash the makeup brushes after every use, as they are more likely to hold back bacterias that may cause various skin issues. To understand makeup applications and methodologies, JD Institute of Fashion Technology offers a Makeup and Hairstyle Artistry course that trains aspiring artists in the various types of techniques and alternative methods of makeup and hairstyling.

Makeup Brushes: Must Haves!