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Makeup brushes are a mandatory addition to every makeup bag. Although there are many alternatives that are being introduced in the market such as beauty blender, silicon blenders and so on, they still do not live up to the quality of application that the brushes provide to a finished look. By using makeup brushes, it not only makes the application a quick and

Smokey eye makeup can be achieved without spending too much time and or money. It is not impossible to achieve it, but neither is it easy. Like a lot of things in life, even a smokey eye makeup requires a lot of practice, trial and error, until you find the technique that suits you the best. Here is a technique for every makeup

Different types of beauty blenders are used for various types of makeup methods. They vary not only in size but also in shapes as well as colors. Beauty blenders can be found in every woman’s makeup bag, as it is the perfect makeup tool to use when blending out patchy makeup. Beauty blenders initially came in a standard shape and size, but as they

Makeup brushes have their own set of commandments that are supposed to be followed. But if you are not taking proper care of them, then it could lead to unexpected breakouts. Below are few tips that will help you take care of your brushes in the most appropriate manner and last for years. Clean your brushes after every use  Cleaning your brushes after every single