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Being mindful is the talk of the town and I totally vouch for it. It's not only the personal life that requires being mindful of but the professional life too. The change of the dynamics in your immediate environment can be felt slowly as you divert your path towards mindfulness. We are encircled by a good portion of noise around us, literally in

Fashion Journalism, a perfect cocktail of Fashion, research, stats and writing. Fashion sense and eye for detail is good enough to be an amateur fashionista but articulating fashion and making sense of the flamboyant world of fashion to the general populace is quite a behemothic task. If you wish to make a career out of it. Well, you need to know what goes

We are two months away from the end of the year and just like every year the fashion trends are changing. Classic will remain classic but who does not want the charming new-ins of the fashion industry. But to embark on the journey of trends we need to have a fair idea of Fashion Trends that are going to rule the world in

The BSc Interior Design batch 2021 put up a beautiful exhibit of their work on 8th of April, 2022 inside the premises of JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore. The interior design aspirants prepared models of bedroom keeping in view the principles of design and applications of elements. During their module study, the students learnt about the design and its classifications, various elements and

Designers are born or made, is a question which can be debated upon incessantly. One of the most essential factors required in the pursuit of creating noteworthy designs, common amongst great designers is creativity. However, it does take a good amount of knowledge, time and methodical consistency to turn creative revelations into realities. Theoretically speaking, every person has the potential to use their intrinsic

On the occasion of World Food Day, JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Cochin organised a food fiesta at the institute’s premises alongwith a ‘cookout without fire’ on 16th October 2019. To celebrate the food festival day, faculty and students across departments of Fashion Design, Jewellery Design and Interior Design came together by arranging a Potluck with food rustled in their respective homes. The air