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Module End Display By Fashion Design Students fashion design - Module End Display By Fashion Design Students Thumbnail - Module End Display By Fashion Design Students 

Every design student aims to get recognition for their art. The exposure not only brings positive feedback to them but also helps them grow as designers. JD Institute of Fashion Technology understands these needs for the overall growth of the design aspirants. Hence, displays and exhibitions are an integral part of the curriculum of all the courses be it fashion design, interior design, jewellery design and more.

Students who are pursuing their Diploma in Fashion Design from JD Institute, Bangalore showcased their learning by putting up a display of work on 15th September, 2022. The learning was from the module Textile Appreciation and Fabric Manipulation and Ornamentation, where the students of the March 2022 batch learnt embroidery and its various techniques along with gaining knowledge on how to drape and shape a fabric.

The aspiring fashion designers and their work in the display was remarkable. Along with small pieces of their work, the fashion design students also showcased one product that they curated utilising their classroom knowledge and practical information.

The products received accolades as they were neatly done within a month’s time. Some of the highlights from the product section was a handbag curated with cotton fabric with beautiful embroidery over it. Another student worked on a pair of shoes and bedazzled it. The products looked market ready and brought immense pride to the mentors who helped the students curate the products.

During the display, the budding designers also received constructive feedback which would help them in further honing their skills. Moreover, the students also presented their workbook and process book that showcased their entire work since the beginning of the session. The in depth understanding of the topic in a brief amount of time showcased the quality mentorship as well as learning enthusiasm.

Fashion design is a domain of constant evolution. It is a vast field that needs in depth information about every aspect of the fashion industry. JD Institute of Fashion Technology with its global pedagogy, helps fashion design aspirants understand and develop skills in the same field. The institute also offers multiple tailor made courses for the design enthusiast and helps them to curate a career out of their passion.