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Monsoon-proof your kitchen: Ways to keep your kitchen clean and dry this season

Monsoon-proof your kitchen this season because the weather might not be as blissful for your kitchen. While we enjoy the weather and sip on hot chai and relish some pakoras, it is vital to remember that the same weather can stir havoc in our kitchens. We do not realize that our kitchen area might be infested with fungus and insects. So keeping it clean and dry especially during the monsoon is crucial.

So what exactly happens during monsoon? The temperature usually dips making everything moist. And the moisture level inturn affects furniture and kitchen as well

Pro tip: To do away with damp odor, place perfumed bath salts at the bottom of kitchen cabinets.

Check your wiring: 

Wiring is one of the most important parts of the kitchen. You will need good quality wire connections mainly for safety purposes.

Due to the dampness during the monsoon, the wiring in the kitchen walls can lead to a short circuit. It is highly recommended to check your wiring every monsoon by electricians.

Keep surface clean and dry:Monsoon-proof your kitchen: Ways to keep your kitchen clean and dry this season

One of the most important tips is to keep your kitchen clean and dry mainly to ward off insects and dirt. Moist flooring and surfaces are an open invitation to seasonal insects. Hence keep your kitchen clean and dry at all times.

Check for leakage: 

The best way is to get your kitchen leakages and drains checked regularly by your plumber so that you don’t experience any issues during the monsoon. Rain adds up to minor leakage issues which might be a problem going ahead. You clearly don’t want a pool in your kitchen.

Avoid renovation 

Planning to give your kitchen a makeover? Hold that thought during the monsoon. Wet walls can be a messy affair as they add to the dampness causing damage to your wall. Hence your chic-looking kitchen cabinet needs to wait.

Let your kitchen breathe: 

During monsoon, ventilation is key. Rain can leave a musty smell which can be unpleasant and unbearable. Do yourself a favor, allow ventilation to keep that extra water away and let your kitchen breathe.

Monsoon-proof your kitchen: Ways to keep your kitchen clean and dry this season