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No mirror makeup challenge was organised by the Dept. of Makeup and Hairstyle Artistry at JD Institute of Fashion Technology – Bangalore, in collaboration with Sugar cosmetics. The challenge as the name suggests was devoid of any mirrors and the participants makeup application skills were put to test. The contestants were an eclectic mix of young women from the field of fashion, makeup, styling and education.

Makeup Products used during the No Mirror Makeup Challenge

The challenge held was supposed to be a task, where in, a participant is supposed to apply makeup on their own face with Sugar cosmetic products, without using a mirror. Now as all of us know that mirror is a basic necessity when it comes to wearing makeup and one practically not do without it as it is not convenient to imagine and wear makeup without visually looking at yourself.

The participants were not informed about the challenge before-hand. They came into the studio assuming it is a normal makeup shoot. Hence, when the reveal about the no mirror makeup challenge was made to them before the commencement of the shoot they were skeptical. The idea of applying makeup without a mirror seems absurd. Even if one is in a rush and applies makeup in a moving vehicle, there is still the mobile camera that one can look into and make the necessary rectifications.  There were nervous laughs and hearty squeals, but everyone were sporting enough to carry on with the shoot without backing out from the challenge.


The products consisted of eyeliner, lipsticks – matte, liquid and pencil, face mist for setting of the makeup, concealer, contour, foundation, blush and eyeshadow. The array of makeup products with its quirky packaging caught the eye of the participants. They carried on with the no mirror makeup challenge like professionals. Along the way there were giggles but this did not deter them from the task at hand. They were on a mission to get the best result. The challenge was kept interactive, wherein the contestants were kept engaged to share about their favourite makeup products.

Upon the completion of the task they were then presented with the mirror to look at themselves. The results astonished the participants and especially the precision with which the makeup was applied. The participants were very proud to have completed the challenge as it was very difficult to imagine and measure with your mind the line over your eyelid for drawing an eyeliner, and to make sure that the lips are not being over lined or underlined while applying the lipstick.

The experience was captured by the students of Dept. of Photography and the in-house photography cum videography team. Through this they were guided by their mentor.

No mirror makeup challenge was won by Ms. Shreya Agarwal (Winner), Ms. Nayaab Nawaz (1st runner-up) and Ms. Sonia (2nd runner- up). All three of them received a makeup hamper from SUGAR Cosmetics. All the participants seemed extremely overwhelmed and amazed at their accomplishment. All in all it was a fun shoot that had everyone in splits throughout and awareness that a mirror is just a tool to look at the final result, however it is the hand that knows the features of the face well. The 6 weeks Diploma in Makeup and Hairstyle Artistry students also assisted with the shoot and experienced the how light plays an important role in a studio setting shoot.

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