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Old ceramic tiles 4 Ways to use them Thumbnail

Old ceramic tiles need not be thrown out. Believe us, they will come in handy for things you wouldn’t know. This is perhaps the specialty of interior design and decoration. If you recently completed your home renovation, you are bound to be left with old ceramic tiles.

Old ceramic tiles: Ways to use them

If you are clueless about what to do with them, let us remind you, ceramic tiles are versatile. If not for flooring, old tiles can be used in umpteen ways in design and decoration. Let us pass by some of the ways in which you can use old ceramic tiles in designing your interiors:

1. Ever heard of magnet tiles?

If you are left with old ceramic tiles of plain white color, just attach it with magnets on the four corners of the tile and you have got for yourself magnet tiles that can go up on your refrigerator. If these magnet tiles are combined with dry erase markers, you can use the magnet tiles to write small messages.

Old ceramic tiles 4 Ways to use them

Old ceramic tiles: Ceramic tile magnets (Image Credits: Google)

2. Ceramic tile coasters 

If refrigerator magnet tiles do not interest you, then think of turning your old ceramic tiles into ceramic tile coasters. If you are an artist, then get your artistry in ceramic tiles and turn them into crafty and trendy tile coasters.

Old ceramic tiles 4 Ways to use them

Ceramic tile coasters (Image Credits: Pinterest)

3. Ceramic tiles plant pots

Give your plants the best makeover. While growing is on the shoulders of the plants, old ceramic tiles can be used to design plant pots. They can be colored into different designs and made all the more beautiful.

Old ceramic tiles 4 Ways to use them

Ceramic tiles plant pots (Image Credits: Google)

4. Ceramic tiles planter box

If you have a series of plants that you want to place in the interiors, then a planter box is used. Planter boxes made of old ceramic tiles are popularly used by people for decorative purposes. Despite buying new planter boxes, use the old ceramic tiles to whip up a new one in no time and at no cost.

Old ceramic tiles 4 Ways to use them

Old ceramic tiles: Ceramic tile planter boxes (Image Credits: Google)

Old ceramic tiles can be used extensively to design interiors. As there is no extra spending, this way you are cost-cutting your interior design expenses as well. Interior designers are always offering such unique ideas and if you wish to become a qualified interior designer, look out for courses offered by one of the leading interior design schools in Bengaluru.

Old ceramic tiles: 4 Ways to use them