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Organic Skincare And Makeup: Indian Brands organic skincare and makeup - Organic Skincare And Makeup Indian Brands Thumbnail - Organic Skincare And Makeup: Indian Brands 

Organic skincare and makeup Indian brands are many in the market that make it a difficult decision. Organic Indian brands have been in the beauty industry for quite some time, though the recognition may have not been as much. The reason for the sudden spike in the popularity of organic brands is because of the urgent need to restore our planet.

Over the past decade, plastic has made its mark on our land, in literal sense. From packaging to ingredients in the products we use, including edibles, plastic and harmful chemicals have been used in the form of nurles, which is not only choking the planet, but even humans. The awareness of sustaining the earth and the natural resources is now the aim of every human.

The process can begin from our homes, our shelves, and even our skin. Over the past decade, not only has plastic and harmful chemicals taken over the spaces in the house, but also on the skin and body. Every product that is used, on the skin or is consumed will contain one toxin that is said to be ‘good for you’, but we are all aware that it is not. These toxins can be anything, from artificial fragrances to added quality.

Here are 5 amazing organic skincare and makeup brands that will help restore the earth and the skin:

1. Ruby Organics:
Organic Skincare And Makeup: Indian Brands organic skincare and makeup - Image 2 - Organic Skincare And Makeup: Indian Brands 

Ruby Organics is the very Indian Organic Beauty brand.

Ruby organics is the first Indian makeup brand that is completely organic, from the product itself to the packaging. It was started by Rubeine Karachiwalla, who worked as a publicist. She was also a makeup and beauty enthusiast. Her journey in using beauty products is inspiring as to how she made a major change to using sustainable and organic products.

Her experiments with various brands and products led her to damaged skin, which struck a realisation in her about the chemicals and toxins that are used in one particular product that can cause immense damage and ill-treatment to the skin. Although she hunted down for organic products that were friendly, not only to the skin but also the environment, she was unsuccessful.

This is when ‘Ruby Organics’ rose. She began to create her own all  natural skincare products with the help of her blender. Jer brand and their products are formulated with beeswax, clays, natural oils that are heated, to beautify the skin from within. Almost every ingredient used in Ruby Organics is sourced locally to uplift rural women in their businesses and provide employment opportunities. Another added plus point to the brands motive is that, all products including foundation, concealer, blush, etc., are made to suit indian skin, making it the perfect Indian Organic brand to swap with the commercial ones. Despite their pricing ranges, they are worth the investment with regard to quality, quantity and aim of sustainability.

2. Forest Essentials 
Organic Skincare And Makeup: Indian Brands  organic skincare and makeup - Image 3 - Organic Skincare And Makeup: Indian Brands 

Forest Essentials is an ayurvedic brand that focuses on keeping the skin as well as the earth healthy.

Forest essentials is an ayurvedic or organic skincare and makeup brand that runs with the motto, ‘If it is not edible, then don’t use it’. The reason behind this motto is that, the ingredients used in their products are completely organic and are derived from plants and its extracts which helps repair and rejuvenate damaged skin and the environment. Apart from being a cruelty-free brand, they also source the necessary ingredients from farmers who practice sustainable farming. The ‘Forest Essentials’ works around the focus of striking a perfect balance between restoring and rejuvenating the skin and protecting the environment, while keeping both hail and healthy.

3. SoulTree
Organic Skincare And Makeup: Indian Brands organic skincare and makeup - Image 4 - Organic Skincare And Makeup: Indian Brands 

SoulTree aims to create a sustainable environment through their products

The journey that led to the existence of the brand, ‘SoulTree’, is an exceptionally inspiring story. The founder and CEO of the company, Vishal Bhandari was a serviceman in the Merchant Navy, where he came across a line in a document that quotes, ‘We stand in a critical moment in Earth’s history, a time when humanity must choose its future’. This particular line wandered around Vishal’s mind until he chose to make that choice to sustain the future of our planet, back in the 1990’s. He chose to help restore the environment through products that were being purchased the most, that is the skincare and makeup line.

As the pandemic made us rethink a lot about our lifestyles, one of the things that was predominantly in the thoughts of many, was how they could contribute to the aim of restoring and sustaining the environment. This is where the decision to shift from commercial skincare and beauty brands to organic skincare and makeup brands was being made by a million. Through this decision, the SoulTree made its mark on a lot of young women and men. SoulTree products have helped many live guilt-free of being the cause of destroying our earth.

Vishal, the CEO and founder of SoulTree puts in his maximum effort to deliver products that are genuine by looking into every process that every product goes through with the assistance of ayurvedic experts and scientists. It is strictly made from indegenious ayurvedic recipes. That is also one of the reasons that SoulTree, despite its high price range, has been in the market for over a decade with a loyal customer base.

4. RAS Luxury Oils 
Organic Skincare And Makeup: Indian Brands  organic skincare and makeup - Image 5 - Organic Skincare And Makeup: Indian Brands 

RAS Luxury Oils is the elixir of nature

A mother daughter duo who believe that what can be applied on the skin should also be edible as in, can be consumed without any harm caused. It is their philosophical belief that led them to creating their organic skincare and makeup  brand. With this philosophy they began their journey of essential oils derived from various flowers, herbs, and numerous other plant based oils that help repair and rejuvenate the skin. As their philosophy and aim is for all natural and organic products, all of Ras’s products are sulphate free, paraben free, no mineral oils, no additives, no alcohol, no synthetic fragrances and no chemicals are used. They are the ‘Farm To Face’ products that go under no or minimal amount of process without toxins or chemicals to build shelf life.

All their ingredients are directly sourced from farms of Rajasthan that is, the ras (secret or elixir) of nature. The minimal process with maximum quality is the reason behind their pricing ranges, despite which they have a loyal and expanding customer base. They have ranges of products from lips oils to body scrubs, sold individually or in miniature packs that are the perfect gift.

5. Bare Necessities
Organic Skincare And Makeup: Indian Brands  organic skincare and makeup - Image 6  - Organic Skincare And Makeup: Indian Brands 

Bare Necessities is the perfect brand to choose for zero waste products from skincare to home interiors

The Founder of ‘Bare Necessities’ was an environmental policy student with a work background from WHO. As an environmentalist, she was troubled with how much plastic and toxins were being used by people which was the main culprit of our deteriorating planet. From the toothpaste we use uptil the container that we store our ingredients for food in is in need of plastic. She wanted to make the change and be the change people would follow to sustain our environment. This company is a product of ‘accidental entrepreneurship’ because it wasn’t made on the focus for financial profit but on the aim for environmental profit.

Bare Necessities is an organic skincare and makeup brand that is not just made of indegenious ingredients, but is a complete zero-waste brand that brings sustainability in their packaging as well. All their products are packed in eco-friendly materials, which is either recycled paper or recycled fabric. The products sold are not just limited to skincare and beauty products but are also extended towards home, lifestyle, interiors, phone cases, and even women hygiene products such as menstrual cups and eco-friendly pads. The best part of the brand is that their products aren’t priced exuberantly, and the quantity provided in their packaging lasts upto 45 days, making it worth every penny invested.

Organic skincare and makeup from India alone are many, the above mentioned brands are just a few out of the hundred available. Every skin type is different and requires different ways to be cared for. Every change that needs to be implemented in the world, starts from the smallest unit of the economy, that is our homes. With the simple change of converting from commercial brands to organic and natural ones can make a whole lot of difference, and also encourage many more to make the change. Change your lifestyle and make it an eco-friendly one, even when it comes to the clothing you wear, the interior materials used upto the containers in the kitchen shelf. Sustainability and restoration of the planet is in our hands. To understand better on how one can make the change in regards to fashion, makeup, interior design or even jewellery, gain the knowledge from best creative and design based colleges with their various range of courses that will fit the schedule that one requires.

Organic Skincare And Makeup: Indian Brands